Chocolate Zucchini BreadChocolate Zucchini Bread
Aah Friday! And I have just the right thing for you to bake this weekend- chocolate zucchini bread. I love when I can eat my vegetables in baked goods. It kind of makes me feel a little less guilty eating them. I know the purists would consider it cheating but it does help when the baked good has whole wheat in it and wheat germ, besides the lovely goodness of chocolate, right?

Moist and chocolatey is what this bread is all about. You don’t taste the zucchini, but enjoy the moistness it lends to the bread. Zucchini like carrots adds moisture to quick breads, making them utterly delicious and difficult to refuse.

I have posted a zucchini lime coconut bread before and shared it recently with my friends at , and this time thought will make the equally delicious chocolate version. This recipe is adapted from the Double Chocolate Zucchini bread on Sally’s Baking Blog. I did not add the chocolate chips since I was out of them and even though I am sure they would have made this bread double special, I was still really happy with it.

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Butter Chicken PizzaButter Chicken Pizza

This is going to be a very short post. My head’s not being supportive today, but I do want to make sure I get a GMT post out on Tuesday.

Today’s GMT is not really indian but more fusion food. Its amazing how we Indians have “indianized” almost all cuisines possibles and I have to say while I cringe on americanization of Indian cuisine I do love indian flavors in some of my favorite cuisines- Indian chinese FTW! Today I am Indianizing (is that a word?) an italian classic- pizza! Cringe all you want but its so good!

If you remember I have done this before. Remember the chicken tikka pizza from the blog? One of my friends tried it and this is what she had to say. Today I am posting a butter chicken pizza recipe. If you love butter chicken you will love this.

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Chickpea Walnut Masala BurgerChickpea Walnut Masala Burger

I love a good veggie burger. With V vegetarian on two days of the week, one of them being a  Saturday, veggie burgers are a great option for me to take to a potluck or get together so that he has something to eat and I don’t have to spend too much time making them. Since veggie burgers are so easy to put together these also make a great weeknight meal and can be perfect to pack in the lunchbox. I love the black bean burger recipe that I have posted in the past but for a while I had been thinking of doing a chickpea burger. After looking at different recipes online, I combined elements of a few of them and came up with the recipe for these vegan Chickpea and Walnut Masala Burgers that I am posting today.

While most veggie burgers are crumbly, these chickpea burgers benefit with the moisture that grated carrots lend to the patty. Prompted by the #iheartwalnutcontest I decided to add toasted walnuts to the burgers and they do make a great addition to these meatless burger patties. A little roasted cumin, garam masala and chillies make these burgers flavorful and my new favorite recipe.

For convenience I used canned chickpeas, but you could soak and boil the chickpeas.Instead of regular burger buns I like serving these with whole wheat english muffins or sandwich bread because I like the bread to patty ratio. I serve it with some garlic tahini sauce, but tzatziki dip would also taste great.While I don’t have a gluten intolerance, for people who prefer gluten free you can use gluten free bread to make the bread crumbs. You could also add cheese to the patty mix, but I wanted to keep them vegan so that they cater to a wider range of people with different dietary restrictions. Cheese lovers can just add a slice of cheese on top!

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