…and we are having chicken biryani at home!


I would have posted the recipe,


the only time I entered the kitchen was when it was time to serve!




The joys of having your mom at home.


You are permitted to go green with envy.


Love her!


Loved the Biryani.


Love that she’s back!

10 Thoughts on “She’s back!

  1. yup shumaila- i am going green with envy, but gal enjoy ur time, nothing to match being pampered by mom- have a blast – fun & peace !

  2. O can I maybe borrow your mum for a while? I would love to be able to just come in the kitchen to look at what has been made for a change… (although ofcourse, cooking it myself is also great fun) Great looking dish!

  3. not jsut green I am going all colors now … πŸ™

    WAIT I have to call my mom and ask her to come to UK for a visit its been long time now .. πŸ™‚

    beautiful dish now ask your mum how did she make it tooo.. please do extend my reagrds to her ..

  4. Have fun girl πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to visit Ma in November and hog the whole day and put on more weight . SIGH!
    This biryani looks awsm and now I am craving for it.

  5. You are so blessed (in many ways)…wish I could borrow both of you for a cooking tutorial πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the wonderful times and foods! Hope ‘mom’ will post her recipe someday too!

  6. Lucky you!!!!

  7. Oh! I envy you!, have a great time girl.., lucky you!, she never visits me, get me more authentic punjabi dishes from her kitchen (vegetarian only :))…

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