Number Sugar Cookies | The Novice Housewife

Number Sugar Cookies | The Novice Housewife

Surprise! Surprise! I am here with a post other than GMT!! And its got to do with sugar cookies. These particular decorated sugar cookies. Number shaped sugar cookies.

In my previous posts I mentioned about my new venture in cake decorating The Pink CakeBox, and since I do not get time to cook or shoot what I cook I had mentioned that I will try to post about my caking adventures on the blog when I get the time. So here it is. Number shaped decorated cookies that I did for a client. And then another one. And then another one.

The design is not my original and it was sent to me by the client. Coincidentally her daughter’s name is also Zara. I have tried to find the person who did these cookies originally to give credit but after spending a substantial amount of time on google and pinterest this is what I found and probably where my client got the image from. Since the image is uploaded by the user I am not sure if it is hers so I will just post a link to the pin. 

Number Sugar Cookies | The Novice Housewife


To make the cookies, I used the no fail sugar cookie recipe that is on the blog, and made a home made template for the numbers since I did not have number cookie cutters in the size I wanted. I am sharing the template as a PDF below- for both number 1 and number 4. These cookies are around 4 inches in height. I have used the eggless sugar cookie recipe as well for these number cookies and can safely say that can be used too if you have an egg allergy or dietary restrictions that don’t permit you to have eggs.

To make the template, I print the number on a slightly thick sheet and then using an X-ACTO knife to cut around. Once done I glued a piece of parchment paper cut in the same shape on the back side of the template so that when I use the template to cut around the sugar cookie dough, its only the food safe parchment paper that is getting in touch with the dough.

You could do this design with royal icing, but I used light pink fondant rolled thin (pasta machine 1) and used my template to cut the desired number shape. To stick the fondant to the cookie, I smeared a little jam (you can use any flavor- strawberry, raspberry, mixed berry- you could also use water, but the jam adds an extra flavor to the cookie) which acts as the glue between the cookie and fondant.

For the balloons I used the back of an icing tip to cut rounds and then using my fingers stretched the round to make a shape of a balloon. Using a small heart shaped plunger cutter, I made the tails of the balloons. For the name I used this pretty handy Message Stamper. For the balloon strings I used my brown Edible marker.
Number Sugar Cookies | The Novice Housewife

Though time consuming, these cookies are fairly easy to make. Please go through the following tips that will help you while shaping the cookies:

1. Chill the dough a bit before rolling it out. It shouldn’t be too soft else you wont be able to roll it out to desired thickness. Also, I always roll my dough out between two parchment papers, that way I do not add any extra flour to the cookie dough.

2. Make sure after you roll out the dough to desired thickness you chill it in the refrigerator before cutting. Its easier to cut if the dough is not soft and sticky.

3. After cutting out the dough, chill the number cut-outs on their tray for 30 minutes atleast.

4. I add a little tylose powder to the fondant so that its a little easier to handle. After rolling out the fondant to desired thickness, I also let it sit a little to firm up before cutting the desired shape. That ways the fondant will not stretch when you lift it and you wont lose the number shape.

 You can download the free templates here:

Number Four template

Number One Template

Number Sugar Cookies | The Novice Housewife

P.S: This post was actually supposed to go live last Friday but because of internet problems I never got around to posting it. But well, better late than never.

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