Review of Katy Sue Design Moulds

As most of you who have been following my page know that few months back I started my home based baking business in India by the name of The Pink CakeBox (yes I know there is a fairly famous Pink Cake Box in the US, and honestly it did not strike me till only after it was too late to change, but we are not related – I wish we were but we are not).

Baking and decorating for TPC is the reason why I have been away from blogging these days. I try my best to post as often as I can, but this place still keeps getting neglected. I do miss blogging immensely, and while I enjoy baking for others (especially when you receive wonderful feedback), I do miss baking and cooking for myself. I also do miss styling and shooting the food I make. And truly wish I could do it more often.

To keep the blog more active, I did mention that I will post about my cakes and bakes here once in a while. So today I am sharing a review of these new Katy Sue Design moulds I bought from a local store in Chandigarh, Chef’s Gateway.

Though not many, but I do have a few silicon moulds for my cake decorating- you know the cheap ones- some bought off ebay or amazon, or a local craft shop that carries stuff that is made in china. For the price, they do get the job done fairly fine, but after spending a good deal on these katy sue moulds, I realize that quality does come with the price. And while the katy sue moulds are more expensive, they do deliver a good quality product and I am sold.

Generally I have to fairly dust the mould with corn starch to get the desired shape out and even then it does not always come out perfect, but when I used these moulds to make the pots, I didn’t use any dusting and the shapes came out fine. The same held true for the frame mould (the final product shown in the picture above). To be on the safer side, a light dusting will not hurt.

I am including a step by step process of using these molds, but in case this is not as helpful, there is a video tutorial on youtube which should explain the process better.

Katy Sue design Molds: A review | The Novice Housewife


After lightly dusting with cornstarch, take a small piece of fondant or 50-50 of desired color and make a ball and smooth it out.

Katy Sue design Molds: A review | The Novice Housewife

Fill the cavities with the desired color, pushing the fondant down to make sure the cavity is evenly covered. Pinch or using a knife that is parallel to the mould, cut off excess. When using the knife be careful to not damage your mould. Your finished product will look like this.

Katy Sue design Molds: A review | The Novice Housewife

I used the flower pots as a cupcake topper, but you could use them in cakes as well. The frame topper is also done using another Katy Sue Mould.

Katy Sue design Molds: A review | The Novice Housewife

Katy Sue design Molds: A review | The Novice Housewife

You can purchase these moulds from Chef’s Gateway by messaging them on their facebook page. They ship pan India. Since Katy Sue is a UK based brand, you can purchase these moulds from their site if you reside in UK. For people in the US, you might want to check They do carry a few designs as well.


Disclaimer: While I paid for the moulds, and this review is 100% my own, I am being compensated for the post by the local distributor for Katy Sue Moulds. 

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