Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on  I’m contributing my part by relishing my favorite dishes at Bistro Flamme Bois and sharing my views with you all!

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Bistro- Flamme Bois, Chandigarh | The Novice Housewife

One of my friends and I recently went and ate at Bistro- Flamme Bois in Sector 7, Chandigarh. It was actually by chance that we went there because the original plan was to go somewhere else, but a wrong turn by me led us to this place. I had heard some good things about Flamme Bois and thought might as well give it a try. It was a wise decision.

Even had the food been bad (which it absolutely wasn’t) I would have still gone back because that’s how nice I felt seeing the care the hosts were giving to each diner guest. The manager (who also seemed like one of the owners) was helpful with his suggestions and made sure we enjoyed each one of the things that we ordered. For the humility and customer service, I would definitely recommend this place.

The ambience is decent. I would have preferred more natural light, but maybe that preference could be something related to me looking for nicely lit food shots. They do have a shaded outside seating, but being a really hot day we decided to sit inside.

Bistro- Flamme Bois, Chandigarh | The Novice Housewife SHU_8804

We started off with drinks and a starter. My friend’s LIIT was good. I ordered a strawberry caipiroska. The menu listed only Caipiroska but the manager was sweet enough to customize it to a strawberry one. But, to be honest the LIIT was better. I missed real strawberry pieces here, but considering its not strawberry season, its something I can overlook.

For our starter we ordered the chicken in dipping sauce, which is boneless grilled chicken in a creamy garlicky sauce served with pita bread. The fact that it has beer added might have skewed our decision. The portion was more than sufficient to be a main course dish.  The rich creamy sauce and the perfectly cooked chicken was a hit with us.

Bistro- Flamme Bois, Chandigarh | The Novice Housewife

The owner had recommended their roasted chicken which apparently is slow cooked for 24 hours or the roasted chicken dish which is flambéed with whiskey for our main but having eaten so much of chicken for our starter, we wanted a different meat for the main course, so decided to go with the pan grilled fish, which came with a side of roasted vegetables. While the fish was filled with buttery goodness, it was the side of roasted vegetables that made me fall in love with the dish- perfect crunch and well seasoned.

And even though there is always room for dessert, my stomach would not have been able to handle anything more so we skipped it. I guess to try their desserts another visit must be made soon. I am not complaining.

Bistro- Flamme Bois, Chandigarh | The Novice Housewife

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  1. delicious and tasty! makes me melting :9

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