Christmas Punch
One day to Christmas and I have the perfect christmas cocktail for you today.

Two posts back I mentioned how I teamed up with Bake with Shivesh and made some recipe videos using wines from Big Banyan. This Christmas Punch was the second in the series of videos I made for Bake with Shivesh.

Shivesh used the Rosa rossa to make this festive christmas punch. Addition of tea to the punch and some spices, takes a regular punch to an excellent celebratory cocktail. I was pleasantly surprised how well tea and wine go together, who would have thought?

I have ton of work to do tomorrow, but I am looking forward to a day with my friends on Christmas Day. Its been a while since I have met them and will be nice to have a day to just enjoy.

I love the set up that we did for this video. Love how the lights bring the christmas spirit in the videos. The song that I have used in the background is by Lyonn and is called We’ll light the sky. You can download it on iTunes.

Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch

The only regret that I have is that this Christmas I could not make any christmas cake. The last christmas I spent with my parents my mom and I had made the best christmas cake I have had till date. It was mostly my mom’s recipe, which was a mix of 3-4 recipes she found online and some other additions. She never noted down the ingredients, nor does she remember the different sites she picked the recipe from. I kept pestering her to recreate the recipe, she kept telling me she can’t and as a result we have no christmas cake this christmas.

Well. at least we have this punch! I am definitely making this again and would highly recommend you to too. You can find the recipe on Shivesh’s blog, and here is a video to help you in case you get lost.

Since we are talking about wine, and since I just dropped some today on my shoes, and since the following days will be filled with wine and if you are as clumsy as me and drop that wine on your clothes or suede shoes, I thought I will tell you the trick to save your clothes/shoes. For wine stains immediately blot (not rub) some table salt on the stain. I did that today and my shoes look like they will be fine. Now you can wear that white shirt and drink that red wine without fear! Happy holidays!

Christmas Punch from Shumaila Chauhan on Vimeo.


  • Video: MuddyChoux Photography/ The Novice Housewife 
  • Recipe: Shivesh Bhatia, Bake with Shivesh
  • Brand: Big Banyan
  • Music: We’ll light the sky – Lyonn

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