Tofu tacos | The Novice Housewife

When I posted the photo of these tofu tacos on my social media accounts, soon I started getting requests for the recipe. And rightly so. These tacos are super easy to make and taste great and are chock full of all the good stuff.

I recently got the Food Network’s The Best and Lightest cookbook to review and have been enjoying my time cooking through it. The recipe for these tofu tacos is from that cookbook. I have had great success in all the recipes I have tried and look forward to trying more from the cookbook. You can read more about my review here. And if healthier meals in 2016 is your goal, you might want to check this book out.

I did want to make a more V-day oriented recipe and post and while these tacos would be great any day, I had originally planned to do a more sweet (read chocolate) oriented post like . These eclairs that I posted on my instagram were my choice but I made a mistake with the choux dough and I did not get the right shape. They tasted great though and V and I have been chowing them down like crazy. Hopefully a few more tries and I will be able to post a recipe soon. Instead I am sharing these tofu tacos recipe today.

And if you are looking for some sweet ideas you can try these recipes:

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Lamb Kebabs | The Novice Housewife

Out of all the kebabs, shami kebabs are one of my favorites. Invented for a toothless nawab of Lucknow during the reign of the Mughals in India, these kebabs were made so fine that no teeth would be required to eat them and they would just melt in the nawab’s mouth. Or so the story goes. Who knows what the truth is. But whatever be the origin, my taste buds are thankful for their existence.

The recipe for these shami kebabs differs slightly than the tunde ke kebabs I have posted earlier. While both of them are soft and silky smooth in the mouth, unlike the tunde ke kebabs, shami kebabs have a mint-onion stuffing in them. And while the original tunde kebab recipe claims to have 160 spices in it, the spices more or less in both the recipes I use are the similar with a slight variation in the quantities.

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Asian Chicken Sliders | The Novice Housewife

With Superbowl this Sunday and game day recipes doing the rounds, I too have a recipe to share with you today that’s perfect for this weekend and won’t be that waist damaging.

Minced chicken combined with asian flavors make some delicious chicken burgers and if you make mini versions of them they are perfect treat to serve up while watching the Superbowl. A serving of these asian chicken burgers is 360 calories, and will be less if you choose to make sliders instead.

The recipe is adapted from the asian chicken burgers recipe in the Best and Lightest cookbook.

The editors of Food Network magazine have taken their favorite dishes and “lightened them up” without compromising on the taste and given us The Best and Lightest: 150 Healthy Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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