Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake

This cake, guys, needs to be made. I baked it the other day, served it to my mom, my biggest critic, and one bite and she was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. When she gives it a go in the first bite without any criticism I know its a recipe that is worth sharing. Orange and chocolate are a classic combination and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely must try it in this orange and chocolate chiffon cake.

Chiffon cakes are light, airy cakes that get their light texture from whipped egg whites. The oil in the cake lends moisture to the cake, making them more tender than sponge cakes. The recipe I have used is one from a cookbook I own and have baked from before, Sarabeth’s Bakery. All the recipes in this book have been great successes. In case you are interested you can check it out on amazon here.

According to the cookbook, chiffon cake was a well guarded secret recipe of a Los Angeles caterer, who for the right price sold the formula and now many have developed their own variations and spins to this lovely cake.

While orange provides a fresh citrus flavor to this cake, the chocolate brings a little bit of decadence. The ganache on top is a must.

I baked the cake in an angel food cake pan, which is what is recommended. Do not use a fluted pan. Since the pan is not greased, getting the cake out will be a task.

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Tiramisu CakeTiramisu Cake

Three weeks back for my birthday, I had made this Tiramisu cake. Even though I got so drunk that I forgot to serve the cake at my birthday party (please don’t judge me as a host), the next day I got to take it for a family lunch and my whole family enjoyed it. It’s the second time I was making the recipe and I loved how it had turned out each time that I made a mental note to share it on the blog.

This blog has been active for six years now and in my first year of blogging I did post a Tiramisu cake recipe (Dorie Greenspan’s version) which I made when I had my first house guests. This recipe is slightly different than that one. While I loved the taste of that recipe, I felt a sponge cake would mimic the savoiardi biscuits that are generally used in the Italian dessert better. So instead of a cake that follows the creaming method, which is what I used in the other recipe, I used the genoise recipe from my Genoise with summer berry cake post. If you have a favorite sponge cake recipe then feel free to use that. The filling, unlike the one in the previous recipe I shared, is made the traditional way by first making a zabaglione, which is an italian egg custard. The filling, that I adapted from here, although a little time consuming, is light and airy and makes the perfect tiramisu and is the star of the cake. Believe me when I say you need this filling in your life!

When I was invited by JW Marriot for an Italian cooking class, chef Alessio told us that traditionally no marsala or alcohol is added to tiramisu, so I haven’t added it here, but you could if you want. Alcohol is always welcome in my books.

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday and while figuring out which cake to make, I thought the Tiramisu would be perfect. Since I got to take pictures this time, I am here sharing the recipe for this Tiramisu cake with you today.

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Orange and cranberry scones

If you have been following my previous posts, you might remember that I mentioned collaborating with Bake With Shivesh on some food videos. Today I am sharing the orange and cranberry scones video that I shot for Shivesh and Teabox.

I do have a recipe for cranberry scones on the blog, but I love how Shivesh infuses the milk with the TeaBox Breakfast tea and then uses it in the dough. It was fun shooting the videos, but editing them and fitting to make a one minute instagram applicable videos has been a pain, though I am glad how all of them are looking.

Orange and cranberry scones

Orange and cranberry scones

Three days till Christmas Day left and I would love to hear what you all are baking as part of your Christmas Day feast. Let me know in the comments below.

Last year, I made english scones, Chocolate crinkle cookies, olive bread, warm goat cheese and pear salad and artichoke chicken. This year I doubt it will be anything that elaborate since its only my grandfather, my 5 year old niece and me in the house. I have plans to meet my friends and spend some time with them, since the last couple of days have been busy with work. I would definitely bake something, just not sure what yet.

For now, I will just stare at these tea infused scones that I shot for Bake with Shivesh, and hope that some inspiration comes my way.

Here’s the video, hope you like it!

Cranberry and orange Scones from Shumaila Chauhan on Vimeo.


  • Video: MuddyChoux Photography/ The Novice Housewife 
  • Recipe: Shivesh Bhatia, Bake with Shivesh
  • Brand: TeaBox
  • Music: Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Daniela Andrade (Cover)


You can check the other videos from the series on my Vimeo page.