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Bird and Tree Themed Five Year Anniversary Cake | The Novice Housewife

A few weeks back one of my friends’ asked for my help to make her anniversary cake. Her husband and she were going to celebrate 5 years of marital bliss and she wanted to surprise him with her first ever fondant cake. Having never worked with fondant before  she asked if I could help her out. She wanted the cake to reflect her marriage invitation, which she sent me a copy of. I drew a sketch based on the pics she sent me and sent it to her. She liked the design and a day before her anniversary we set to create the cake. She baked the cake herself, and I only did the masking, and covering of the cake with fondant and decorations.

The picture below shows the invitation card my friend had for her wedding (left) and the design I sketched out based on the card photo she sent (right). I do realize I have to work on my sketching skills, but it got the idea across to my friend nonetheless and thats what I wanted.

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Horse Birthday Cake | The Novice Housewife : Chocolate Cake with rolo and kitkat filling and swiss meringue buttercream frostingIn February I had the chance to make a birthday cake for a very special girl. My friend Jamie, the one who gave me the recipe for her tater tot casserole, asked me to bake a cake for her elder daughter’s sixth birthday.

The birthday girl is currently in love with horses, so we decided that’s what she will get on her cake.

Also she wanted chocolate, chocolate chunks and pink frosting for her cake. On being asked what kind of chocolate chunks, she opted for kitkats and rolos. So that’s what this cake is all about. Chocolate cake with a rolo and kitkat filling and pink swiss meringue buttercream frosting covered in pink fondant and topped with a horse!

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English Madeleines: Mini Sponge Cakes bathed in jam and rolled in desiccated coconut | The Novice Housewife

When I posted the picture for these english madeleines on instagram I mentioned that my house smelled of my childhood. And it surely did. In fact when I was washing the cupcake pan, it still smelled of the memories from my younger days, even though the madeleines had been removed and set aside a while back.

My mother used to make them when I was a kid. My brother and I loved them – bite after bite of buttery goodness. Although the original recipe calls for baking the batter in Dariole Moulds, my mom used to make them shaped like a regular cupcake- since she did not own a dariole mould. And then bathed them in jam and desiccated coconut. So I made them the same way in cupcake pans- not because I do not own dariole moulds (I actually don’t) but because that’s they way I remember english madeleines to be.

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