Madeleines are a classic french butter cake/cookie. This recipe yields light and wonderful madeleines that have a hint of orange blossom in them. Super easy to whip up and a reliable crowd-pleaser!

Orange Blossom Madeleine

I have always wanted to make madeleines but since I did not have a madeleine pan I never attempted them. I have posted my mom’s english madeleine recipe on the blog, and while I love that recipe, english madeleines differ from their french counterpart. Both absolutely delicious but in different respects.

I finally invested in a madeleine pan and had been waiting to try a recipe for these. I knew as my first try I wanted to make the classic version, and keep the more complicated and fancier sounding madeleines for later. I had recently bought orange blossom water from amazon for another recipe, and never got around to making the recipe I bought the water for. From reviews of the madeleine recipes I had read online, I knew I had found the perfect way to use the orange blossom water lying in my cupboard.

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Cardamom and Fig Thumbprint Cookies

I love jam cookies. I have previously posted coconut jam cookies on the blog, and whenever I make them I have a tough time controlling myself from finishing the entire batch.

If you have been following me on instagram, you might remember me mentioning about the shoot I did for Gimme Emporium, a local Dallas based business. After the shoot Tina and Jessica, the owners, sent me home with a few of their jams, including a bottle of fig jam, along with a lot of other amazing goodies.

Growing up I loved jam and toast, but nowadays I hardly ever buy jam because of the high sugar content and the different preservatives one finds in most store bought jams. Occasionally though I do still like warm toast with a little butter and homemade fruit preserve but those occasions are rare.

Since I knew V and I wont be eating toast and jam as much, I decided to make these wholewheat cardamom thumbprint cookies with the fig jam I got thanks to Gimme Emporium and am glad I did.

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Whole wheat nankhatai | The novice HousewifeDuring the weekend we met up with our friends and one of them mentioned how she had made nankhatai for evening tea the other day. And that how quick it was. I was reminded how I had not made these eggless indian cookies for a while now and thought I should.

So yesterday I made them from a recipe that I posted 4 years back. The previously posted nankhatai recipe is now updated with a printable version and you can check it out here. A few people have used the recipe to give as diwali gifts too . Since diwali is not any time soon, you can just bake them for a nice evening time snack. The hint of cardamom combined with rich taste of ghee, make this cookies a great tea time treat. Generally made with all purpose flour, I use whole wheat to make them a little healthier.

Besides talking about nankhatai, we had a great weekend. V was out the whole week for work and came back on Saturday. Three of his Duke friends were also in town for the weekend and it was two days filled with drinking, eating and lot of fun.

Coconut rice pudding at Malai Kitchen

Coconut rice pudding at Malai Kitchen


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