Today is Day 2 of my going Raw diet.

Somehow I survived Day 1. Although, watching television in the evening was painful. Every other advertisement on TV was a food one. A juicy burger between a sourdough bread and lots of close up shots- seriously painful to watch. And I never noticed how many shows have their scenes around food. People talking with chinese take out boxes, or sitting at the table to eat warm beans and grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. I knew that eating raw would make my senses more active, but I did not know that just one day of raw food would make me so much more observant to what’s happening on TV. I never noticed that food was such an integral part of the idiot box’s life. Raw Food Revelation 1!

Day 2 has been easier for now. But it’s going to get tougher in a few hours. My friend’s kid has her birthday today and my friend is having a small get together- the food on the menu- pizza and cake. No, this diet is not going to be as easy as last week when I was only on the gluten free, sugar free diet. At least my food was warm last week. It was cooked. And I could eat cheese. But this week none of that. Just raw fruits and vegetables and nuts.

Day 1 I started my day with some watermelon, soaked almonds, and a cup of this homemade almond milk that I am sharing today. I added some pistachios, saffron and crushed cardamom seeds.

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After taking a break for the month of May, Recipe Swap is back for the month of June.

When Christianna had sent out the mail with the swap recipe of a mint pie, I knew instantly what I wanted to make. My friend has this super simple dessert recipe. She takes store bought shortbread crust and puts it in a pie dish and fills it with black cherry yogurt and freezes it till set. And that’s it. Another friend tried this recipe and got rave reviews. So I really wanted to try it. And I guess it fit well with the swap theme.

Since June is supposed to be the “watch what I eat” month- I decided I will make the shortbread crust at home rather than use a store bought one, having full control on what goes in the food I eat. I found a whole wheat shortbread crust recipe here.

But things did not go as planned.

For one I did not find black cherry yogurt in the store, which was not a big deal. I just decided to use some other flavor of yogurt.

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