If you love asian salads, this chicken noodle salad with poached chicken, a spicy sesame oil dressing and noodles will become a favorite of yours.

This quick and easy chicken noodle salad with poached chicken, a spicy sesame oil dressing and noodles will become a favorite of yours.

I am trying my best to be more active on the blog. It had helped that work had been light the last couple of days, giving me enough time to spend in the kitchen to experiment or revisit old recipes on the blog and review/reshoot them. Last week besides experimenting with this asian chicken noodle salad recipe, I also revisited the flourless chocolate cake recipe from the blog archives and baked the white chocolate cranberry pistachio cookies to send to my brother and sis-in-law. I also made chocolate chip cookies and baked a barbie cake for my niece using the sponge cake recipe here and the filling frosting recipe from here. Yes, I was busy in the kitchen.

This week I was again traveling, so couldn’t experiment much but I did try a lot of new dishes and have a few things I would like to try in my kitchen. While working with other people’s food for client shoots has its own perks, I do love styling and shooting my own recipes. I also do enjoy the creative freedom I have, although I am lucky most of my clients trust me enough to give me a free reign.

This asian flavored chicken noodle salad with poached chicken, a spicy sesame oil dressing and noodles will become a favorite of yours.

I have been sharing pointers on styling and photography on my instagram stories. I have always found it helpful when other people post Behind the scenes and now that I have some sense of what works and what doesn’t (learning never stops), I thought its my time to share what I have learnt. If you are interested in knowing more about the photographs I shoot do follow me on instagram (@muddychoux).

This chicken noodle salad is adapted from a recipe on Gourmet Travelers app. I loved the sound of it, but I had to make a few adjustments since I didn’t have quite a few of the important ingredients called for in the recipe. Either way the chicken noodle salad came out delicious. I love the heating of the oil with the star anise- what a wonderful aroma it gave to the oil. Its something I am looking forward to trying more in my recipes.

If you try this recipe or any other recipe from the blog, please do tag me on your creations on instagram, facebook,  twitter or leave a comment here.

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Healthy granola recipe. The best base granola recipe to play around with and super easy to make. Will become your favorite granola recipe. 

Homemade Granola- easy, quick recipe. Made with oats, naturally sweetened and your favorites nuts and dried fruits.

I have always been a breakfast person. Like I can eat breakfast for lunch, dinner and snack kind of a person.

While I love a breakfast with buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, aloo parantha even, and now have the luxury on most days to have a leisurely breakfast, but when I am on the run, granola and milk/yogurt has always been my go to option.

When I was in the US, granola was a favorite breakfast of mine. I always used store bought granola since I thought it was more convenient than making your own. I was absolutely wrong. Believe me when I say making this granola is the easiest thing you could do. Everything mixes together in one bowl. You can customize the granola to your liking by adding or subtracting whatever mix-ins you want (or dont want). And it is so much better (and cheaper too) than any store bought granola you have ever had.

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Healthy Chocolate Brownies: Prunes lend a fudgy texture to these dense dark chocolate brownies besides making these brownies uber healthy. Instead of using processed sugar and butter, these are made with the goodness of honey and extra virgin olive oil.

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

I love brownies. They are one of my favorite desserts. This recipe for healthy chocolate brownies, adapted from here, is a healthier version of the classic brownies.

I love my brownies to be fudgy and dense, and less cake like. And this recipe yields just that.

Prunes are basically plums that have been dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process. Prunes are a great source of Vitamin A, iron and antioxidants, and thus are great for your skin and hair.  Prunes also are a good source of potassium, helping in keeping blood pressure low and supporting bone health. 1 prune provides 3% of recommended daily fiber intake, thus are great for digestion. (source: food.ndtv.com).

Adding prunes to the classic brownies not only gives these healthy chocolate brownies a distinct taste, but you also get all the health benefits that prunes come with. By replacing the butter with extra virgin olive oil and processed sugar with honey- the classic brownie is made healthier with no compromise on taste.

If you are looking for a healthy chocolate brownie recipe, do give this a try. If you do try the recipe, please tag me in your creations on instagram, facebook or leave a comment here. Have a great Sunday!

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