Jalapeno Infused Guava Margarita

Before V and I moved to Dallas, and before I moved to India to work on my home based baking business, V and I lived in a small town in Arizona with one traffic light and three restaurants- one of which had given me food poisoning twice so we never went.

The up side of staying in a place with no eating out options is that when I wanted to lose weight it was easier to. With no external temptations, I was able to successfully complete my month of gluten free, sugar free and a week of raw diet.

Dieting in Dallas (or losing weight, to be more precise) is a whole different ball game. I decided to go for a month long gluten free sugar free diet in April to lose the weight I gained it after coming to US. The timing of my diet could not be more wrong. Spring time is festival time in Dallas. And I am the kinds who is not going to NOT have funnel cakes when there is a street art festival. Funnel cakes are a festival thing and you can not NOT go to a festival and NOT have funnel cakes. Its just so wrong. And even though the Urban Bazaar hosted by Little D Markets had lots of gluten free and refined sugar free options like Gather Kitchen but then there were kessler pie co’s jars and since I had never tried one before and since I was already there it would have been a shame to not try. I don’t regret it one bit.

The lemon cheesecake jar from Kessler Pie co.

The lemon cheesecake jar from Kessler Pie Co. A must try!

Plus there have been cookbooks to review tis month. I did actually find lots of gluten free stuff on Andie Mitchell’s book like the smashed roasted garlic potatoes, tofu stir fry and this spicy chicken enchiladas that I made a few days back. The enchiladas were so good. I will be posting a recipe soon. Anyway I digress.

What was I talking about

Funnel cakes?


I was saying, this diet stuff is hard especially in the spring months in Dallas with all that is going on.

I am already making Cinco de Mayo plans.

While I missed the Taco Libre event this past Saturday, I did get a chance to try some Margaritas at Taco Cabana. Taco Cabana has a great special happy hour rate, and their Jalapeño infused Guava margarita is the bomb. Along with a bunch of foodies, I was invited for a special tasting of Taco Cabana’s creation, and am glad besides good food and drinking a really good margarita, I made some new friends along the way.

I am sharing a few pictures from that event.

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Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas

Yesterday I spoke about my time at last week’s Savor Dallas’ events. You would think after eating so much food I would be on a salad diet, but then you would be wrong.

On Sunday, I attended the Urban Bazaar hosted by Little D Markets. Luckily, the Bazaar was not just about food, but it had its share.

If you have been following my instagram pages- both my personal and my photography page, you would have an idea that I have been shooting a few images for an upcoming Dallas based restaurant, Gather Kitchen. They were participating in the Bazaar and wanted me to take a few pictures for them at the event. I am really excited for them and they have an interesting concept lined up. Once they open, I will share more details about their restaurant, for now you can check the pictures from the event.

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Savor Dallas 2016, Urban Bazaar, Sandwich hag pop up

I mentioned in my previous post how April is laden with festivals in Dallas. To welcome spring, every week there is something exciting happening- festivals, bazaars, pop ups and I am loving every bit of it. Weekends are no longer Netflix binge sessions in pyjamas and take outs.

In my last post, I talked about our pigging out session at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival . Today I will be sharing about my foodie adventures last week. Last week I attended three different festivals and a pop up, and since I don’t want a picture overload in a single post, I am dividing my-week-in-food into two posts. Today’s post is all about Savor Dallas’ two events that happened last Thursday, April 7th.

Last Thursday I attended the Arts District Garden party hosted by Savor Dallas, followed by Savor Dallas’ Sweet Heat event at the Nasher Sculpture Centre. *Note for self*– never ever attend two different tasting events one after the other. In Joey’s words- what was I thinking wearing jeans to a tasting event- to be precise to TWO back-to-back tasting events. I was so stuffed after the Garden Party that I could not do justice to the Sweet heat dessert event. And my skinny jeans did not help one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate everything I could get my hands on (there is ALWAYS room for dessert), but yes back to back tasting events are a no-no for me here on.

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