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View of Toronto city from CN Tower

I know I haven’t been the best with keeping the blog up to date and its been two weeks since my last post. Yikes! Sorry about that! Even though I am kind of aware that you didn’t miss me much but for the sake of my own happiness I’ll assume that you did. Its always a good ego boost if you think people miss you (even when they don’t) and these days any kind of ego boost will do for me.

If you read my last post, you would know I started a cake decorating course at Bonnie Gordon College.

Last week was the first week of classes and while I love love love the school, the teachers, what we get to learn, piping, decorating etc etc it was a very, very intimidating first week for me.

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Ok this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but because of some technical difficulties (some call it procrastination, but I just don’t like the sound of that word), I am posting it today. And well, why can I not. Isn’t every day supposed to be mother’s day. Isn’t every day supposed to be a celebration of these superwomen that hide in plain clothes in our houses?

So, mama, even though belated (actually I did wish you on time yesterday), here’s wishing you a very happy mother’s day today as well!

Your children may not always spell it out to you, Mama, but you are everything to us. We thank you with all our heart for being the wonderful person that you are, for  loving us unconditionally, caring for us without limits and making us feel special every day.

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So today, V plucked (actually snipped) these two beauties from my hair. Some call it a mother’s blessing but seriously I would prefer blessings in another form. V says its a sign of maturity. I think its a sign of becoming wiser. (Why else would judges wear white wigs, if that’s not what its supposed to mean.) The strange part, one of the two white hairs I plucked was actually still dark brown from the roots, but white at the tips, kind of like it decided mid way that it preferred being dark brown rather than white.

photo (1)

In India, we have something like the evil eye, we just call it boori nazar (which literally translates to the same), and V and I have come to the conclusion that’s what has happened with me (well, I came to the conclusion, he just agreed :/ ). My hair has been a target of an evil eye (most likely, its my own evil eye, but lets just pretend it’s not).

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