Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas

Yesterday I spoke about my time at last week’s Savor Dallas’ events. You would think after eating so much food I would be on a salad diet, but then you would be wrong.

On Sunday, I attended the Urban Bazaar hosted by Little D Markets. Luckily, the Bazaar was not just about food, but it had its share.

If you have been following my instagram pages- both my personal and my photography page, you would have an idea that I have been shooting a few images for an upcoming Dallas based restaurant, Gather Kitchen. They were participating in the Bazaar and wanted me to take a few pictures for them at the event. I am really excited for them and they have an interesting concept lined up. Once they open, I will share more details about their restaurant, for now you can check the pictures from the event.

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Savor Dallas 2016, Urban Bazaar, Sandwich hag pop up

I mentioned in my previous post how April is laden with festivals in Dallas. To welcome spring, every week there is something exciting happening- festivals, bazaars, pop ups and I am loving every bit of it. Weekends are no longer Netflix binge sessions in pyjamas and take outs.

In my last post, I talked about our pigging out session at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival . Today I will be sharing about my foodie adventures last week. Last week I attended three different festivals and a pop up, and since I don’t want a picture overload in a single post, I am dividing my-week-in-food into two posts. Today’s post is all about Savor Dallas’ two events that happened last Thursday, April 7th.

Last Thursday I attended the Arts District Garden party hosted by Savor Dallas, followed by Savor Dallas’ Sweet Heat event at the Nasher Sculpture Centre. *Note for self*– never ever attend two different tasting events one after the other. In Joey’s words- what was I thinking wearing jeans to a tasting event- to be precise to TWO back-to-back tasting events. I was so stuffed after the Garden Party that I could not do justice to the Sweet heat dessert event. And my skinny jeans did not help one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate everything I could get my hands on (there is ALWAYS room for dessert), but yes back to back tasting events are a no-no for me here on.

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alli k design workshop

Even though I am supposed to be on a gluten free, sugar free diet the whole month of April (I am getting my body ready for summers or at least trying to), I have allowed myself certain cheat days this entire month.

While spring in Dallas means hotter days, it also means tons of festivals and a lot of them food related. And this being our first time here in Dallas, I do not want to miss any of them! I know I could stick to the diet and just mindfully eat at the festivals but the Deep Ellum Art Festival this last Sunday had funnel cakes. I rest my case.

funnel cakes

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