Green Tea

Tea is huge now. Even though as a kid I never enjoyed tea, I am now a big fan of it. And green tea is generally what I prefer, though, come winters, I don’t mind a cup of masala chai to warm my body.

A massive amount of tea is consumed each and every day in all corners of the world. Forget coffee — its production may be greater, but as a Springer study found three cups of tea are drunk for every cup of coffee, thus tea seems to be the preferred choice over a cup of java.

Not convinced? Consider this: according to a recently published infographic, 31% of people in the UK drink five or more cups of tea a day, with the large majority of tea drinkers having their first cup at the age of 5. That’s not all — the UK isn’t even among the top 3 tea-consuming countries in the world, as China, Turkey and Ireland are the biggest tea lovers in the world. And here I thought Indians would have made the top list. My family is big on tea and their day doesn’t begin if they haven’t sipped on at least two cups of tea before breakfast. The count is even more when the whole family is together.

Green Tea

While I generally drink my tea, lately I have seen recipes where tea isn’t just used as a beverage. Tea leaves themselves can be used for spice rubs on meat and poultry. Steep them in hot water and you have a brew for everything from soups and grain dishes to sauces and marinades.

Some people even swear by green tea facials, and many people have incorporated the leaves into moisturizing products by extracting its medicinal properties. Other than soothing sunburn and delaying the signs of aging, a simple green tea bag can even help treat nasty bug bites! I use my used cold tea bags to combat puffy eyes and it always works.

Green Tea

I am still experimenting with recipes using tea but for today, though, I will share some I found interesting and that you can try at home.

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Dallas Box Co. May Subscription Box

If you are following my instagram, I mentioned about Dallas Box Co and how I would save my review for later since I had a not so good first time experience. I got my second box today and thought of sharing my thoughts.

Dallas Box Co. is a curated box of local Dallas businesses at your door step. Each month they send “exclusive goods, offers, and passes inside each box, as well as invitations to subscriber only events like happy hours and pub crawls” that are all local to Dallas.

I had some issues with my first box- super late delivery, unsealed box, my first email being overlooked (though later I got prompt responses for all my other mails), and non-delivery of certain products which they stated will come free with the box but did not (till date they have not addressed the points I raised regarding the screw up). Putting the last issue aside, I do like the concept of Dallas Box Co. and being new to Dallas, it is a nice way to get to know Dallas and local Dallas vendors. I loved all the products included in my first April Box.

Macarons from Savor Patisserie

Besides local food fare they send coupons to gym memberships, local restaurants and events, though some of the coupons, if I am being honest, feel like a bait. Its still a good deal but some of the coupons do require purchases for you to redeem them.

Having said that, if you want to try out new things each month and don’t mind spending a little extra to make the best use of your box, I would suggest trying out Dallas Box Co. Coupons and passes are a great incentive to visit a place and try their stuff out.

Overall, I think its an excellent idea and I see them getting better with each box. And you do get more than what you pay for. The boxes are priced at $29.95 and the total value of the contents in May’s box is $140 plus. This month’s contents include the following :

  • Two tickets to Nasher Sculpture Centre ($20 value),
  • Single Weekend Pass to Bulladora Music Experience ($99 value)
  • Assorted Macarons Box from Savor Patisserie ($12 value)
  • Evil Cowboy’s Ghost Hot Sauce ($8 on
  • Pickles from T-Rex Pickles

If you are interested in trying Dallas Box Co, they have a promotion going on which give you $5 off your first box by using the code DBCINSTA. You can subscribe here.

Dallas Box Co. May Subscription Box

Since this is my weekly post about all things Dallas (here’s a link to last week’s Eating Dallas post)- Have you made weekend plans yet? Is Taste Addison one of them? There is also the 26th Annual Asian Festival at Fair Park on Saturday, May 14th, in case that’s something you might be interested in. If you want to make the drive to Canton, tomorrow is the second and final day of the Annual Balloon Festival.

We are still unsure which way we are heading, and its going to be a tough decision. If you don’t have any of these on your list, but are looking for places to brunch or eat, here is my round up of some of the places we visited the days that went by (in case you are wondering, the list is not restricted to just last weekend’s food adventures!)

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Jalapeno Infused Guava Margarita

Before V and I moved to Dallas, and before I moved to India to work on my home based baking business, V and I lived in a small town in Arizona with one traffic light and three restaurants- one of which had given me food poisoning twice so we never went.

The up side of staying in a place with no eating out options is that when I wanted to lose weight it was easier to. With no external temptations, I was able to successfully complete my month of gluten free, sugar free and a week of raw diet.

Dieting in Dallas (or losing weight, to be more precise) is a whole different ball game. I decided to go for a month long gluten free sugar free diet in April to lose the weight I gained it after coming to US. The timing of my diet could not be more wrong. Spring time is festival time in Dallas. And I am the kinds who is not going to NOT have funnel cakes when there is a street art festival. Funnel cakes are a festival thing and you can not NOT go to a festival and NOT have funnel cakes. Its just so wrong. And even though the Urban Bazaar hosted by Little D Markets had lots of gluten free and refined sugar free options like Gather Kitchen but then there were kessler pie co’s jars and since I had never tried one before and since I was already there it would have been a shame to not try. I don’t regret it one bit.

The lemon cheesecake jar from Kessler Pie co.

The lemon cheesecake jar from Kessler Pie Co. A must try!

Plus there have been cookbooks to review tis month. I did actually find lots of gluten free stuff on Andie Mitchell’s book like the smashed roasted garlic potatoes, tofu stir fry and this spicy chicken enchiladas that I made a few days back. The enchiladas were so good. I will be posting a recipe soon. Anyway I digress.

What was I talking about

Funnel cakes?


I was saying, this diet stuff is hard especially in the spring months in Dallas with all that is going on.

I am already making Cinco de Mayo plans.

While I missed the Taco Libre event this past Saturday, I did get a chance to try some Margaritas at Taco Cabana. Taco Cabana has a great special happy hour rate, and their Jalapeño infused Guava margarita is the bomb. Along with a bunch of foodies, I was invited for a special tasting of Taco Cabana’s creation, and am glad besides good food and drinking a really good margarita, I made some new friends along the way.

I am sharing a few pictures from that event.

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