Savor Dallas 2016, Urban Bazaar, Sandwich hag pop up

I mentioned in my previous post how April is laden with festivals in Dallas. To welcome spring, every week there is something exciting happening- festivals, bazaars, pop ups and I am loving every bit of it. Weekends are no longer Netflix binge sessions in pyjamas and take outs.

In my last post, I talked about our pigging out session at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival . Today I will be sharing about my foodie adventures last week. Last week I attended three different festivals and a pop up, and since I don’t want a picture overload in a single post, I am dividing my-week-in-food into two posts. Today’s post is all about Savor Dallas’ two events that happened last Thursday, April 7th.

Last Thursday I attended the Arts District Garden party hosted by Savor Dallas, followed by Savor Dallas’ Sweet Heat event at the Nasher Sculpture Centre. *Note for self*– never ever attend two different tasting events one after the other. In Joey’s words- what was I thinking wearing jeans to a tasting event- to be precise to TWO back-to-back tasting events. I was so stuffed after the Garden Party that I could not do justice to the Sweet heat dessert event. And my skinny jeans did not help one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate everything I could get my hands on (there is ALWAYS room for dessert), but yes back to back tasting events are a no-no for me here on.

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alli k design workshop

Even though I am supposed to be on a gluten free, sugar free diet the whole month of April (I am getting my body ready for summers or at least trying to), I have allowed myself certain cheat days this entire month.

While spring in Dallas means hotter days, it also means tons of festivals and a lot of them food related. And this being our first time here in Dallas, I do not want to miss any of them! I know I could stick to the diet and just mindfully eat at the festivals but the Deep Ellum Art Festival this last Sunday had funnel cakes. I rest my case.

funnel cakes

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Warm Goat Cheese Salad with walnuts and pear

The last post of 2015 and I am ending it with a recipe for this warm goat cheese salad. The warm breaded goat cheese is perfect for the cold weather and the salad leaves with the homemade dressing make the dish light and a perfect way to get your greens in.

2015 was pretty uneventful with respect to blogging. I posted only 17 times, out of which 8 posts were on Tuesdays (mostly, GMTs).

Though the blog was inactive, I was busy with my new baking venture The Pink CakeBox in Chandigarh, India. TPC was one of my best experiences, but it did come with its share of stressful moments. Each cake, each request, each delivery taught me something new and despite the struggles, I am glad I took a step towards my dream. I had to leave it mid-way but I hope to revive it again in some form or the other soon. Till then, and even after I do, I plan to keep this blog as one of my top priorities.


The Novice Housewife gave me an identity and it helped me gain the confidence to tap into my passion for baking and open TPC. So even though 2015 saw me absent for the most time from the blogging scene, I will make sure in 2016 I am more present and dedicated to this space.

As a goodbye to 2015, I thought of sharing the top 5 posts that were most visited in 2015

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