Its the weekend and I could not be happier. This week has been tough- my energy levels have been low. Both V and I struggled with sleep this whole week, and we both struggled with our respective work. I did not cook much, was not even inspired to which is weird for me. Nor did I get much exercise done- probably why I felt even more lazy. I am hoping next week changes and feel more motivated.

Last week I was invited by  Cafe Salsera, in Deep Ellum, to sample their new revised menu. We don’t eat mexican when we go out too often probably because when we were in Morenci we had only one restaurant to go to and it was mexican. After 6 years to be limited to one mexican restaurant we are more than happy to explore other cuisines. But I still love mexican food, I guess because it reminds me a little of Indian food, and Salsera’s food did just that. We started off our meal with some drinks and the flautas from the new menu. Deep fried anything is always good but when you serve it with avocado mousse and salsa and crema on the side, it just makes everything even better. So good. We also got to sample the ceviche with shrimp which of course V did not touch while I throughly enjoyed. I highly recommend the Hibiscus mojito when you go there. Also the camarones a la diabla which the chef was kind enough to make with chicken since V does not eat shrimp and we both loved it. I got the mole and while the chicken was cooked well, I realized I am not a fan of mole sauce. I did love the beans that came with the dish. I would go back just for the beans. Overall we had a good time, and if you are ever in the neighbourhood especially on a Tuesday evening I would recommend you to try Salsera out. Every Tuesdays they have free salsa lessons from 6-10p and you might just find me there learning salsa and sipping on my Hibiscus mojito.

For more information on Salsera, check their site out.

Flautas at Salsera

Flautas with avocado mousse and salsa at Cafe Salsera

el diablo with chicken at Salsera

 Camarones a la diabla with chicken at Cafe Salsera

Last week we also brunched at Ida Claire. Heads up, if you plan to go there make a reservation the wait on weekends can be crazy. Once you enter the place you know why everyone wants to brunch here. From the crockery to the decor (hanging antique bird cages and walls decorated to southern memorabilia) all made me swoon over the place. We went with friends and between us tried the chicken and waffles, apple crisp french toast and nashville hot fried chicken. While I always go for chicken and waffles, this is one place where I would highly recommend you to try the nashville hot fried chicken. Crispy, juicy with enough spice to give it flavor but not burn your mouth. I loved it and was kicking myself that it was not the dish that I ordered, although the french toast that I ate wasn’t too bad either.

For more information on Ida Claire, check their site out.

Southern Fried Chicken at Ida Claire

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken at Ida Claire

Chicken and waffles at Ida Claire

Chicken and waffles at Ida Claire

French toast at ida claire

Apple crisp french toast

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We made it to Friday. Unfortunately some of us didn’t. Last night’s shooting in Dallas kept me up most night. We were out for dinner with V’s colleagues when messages from friends and family checking on us started coming in. That’s when we learnt about what was happening just over a mile away from where we were. Thankfully we were out of harm’s way and once home saw on the news the sad turn of events of last night. It was so surreal.

My heart goes out to the families of the cops who died last night. And it also goes out to the meaningless loss of lives the past few days at the hands of officers. Let’s not define the people who killed those cops by their race. Let’s not make the recent shooting undo the efforts of all the 1000s of people who came to protest for a very pressing cause #blacklivesmatter. And lets accept that there is a lack of accountability when it comes to mistreatment of people of certain races. While we live in a bubble and only acknowledge things that hit closer to home we turn a blind eye to so many acts of terrorism that keep happening elsewhere in the world, and also the killings of innocent black people in cop shootouts. When a white person goes shooting the judgement is made that the individual is crazy or deranged, or had some psychological issues. His character is judged. When a black person does such a thing, the whole race is maligned- the same goes for the muslim community. Why? Lets not judge the whole race/religion based on the actions of a single individual. I don’t do the “prayfor” hashtags because then I will be posting every other day. So while we pray for Dallas lets pray for the innocent blacks that keep losing their lives, that get heavier sentences because they are people of color, let’s also pray for Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Baghdad, Pakistan and everywhere else that innocent lives are lost due to misguided, lost, deranged people. Let’s pray for humanity and love and that it will triumph over hatred peacefully.

In tragedy, its always endearing to see people coming together, spreading hope. These Dallas chefs are doing what they know best- feeding people and some Dallas restaurants are serving free meals to police officers. One of my friends, Leah from Flicks and Food Dallas has compiled a list of restaurants that are offering FREE meals this weekend and some the whole of July. You can check the post here.

I had the following post typed up last night before the shootings happened. I couldn’t post it without first addressing what happened last night. And as cliche as it may sound, life has to go on and so I am continuing with the post initially planned.

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Green Tea

Tea is huge now. Even though as a kid I never enjoyed tea, I am now a big fan of it. And green tea is generally what I prefer, though, come winters, I don’t mind a cup of masala chai to warm my body.

A massive amount of tea is consumed each and every day in all corners of the world. Forget coffee — its production may be greater, but as a Springer study found three cups of tea are drunk for every cup of coffee, thus tea seems to be the preferred choice over a cup of java.

Not convinced? Consider this: according to a recently published infographic, 31% of people in the UK drink five or more cups of tea a day, with the large majority of tea drinkers having their first cup at the age of 5. That’s not all — the UK isn’t even among the top 3 tea-consuming countries in the world, as China, Turkey and Ireland are the biggest tea lovers in the world. And here I thought Indians would have made the top list. My family is big on tea and their day doesn’t begin if they haven’t sipped on at least two cups of tea before breakfast. The count is even more when the whole family is together.

Green Tea

While I generally drink my tea, lately I have seen recipes where tea isn’t just used as a beverage. Tea leaves themselves can be used for spice rubs on meat and poultry. Steep them in hot water and you have a brew for everything from soups and grain dishes to sauces and marinades.

Some people even swear by green tea facials, and many people have incorporated the leaves into moisturizing products by extracting its medicinal properties. Other than soothing sunburn and delaying the signs of aging, a simple green tea bag can even help treat nasty bug bites! I use my used cold tea bags to combat puffy eyes and it always works.

Green Tea

I am still experimenting with recipes using tea but for today, though, I will share some I found interesting and that you can try at home.

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