Creamy, fresh and slightly tangy homemade passionfruit icecream

Homemade Passionfruit Icecream (eggless recipe)Homemade Passionfruit Icecream (eggless recipe)

A few years back I had a passionfruit and mango icecream at the Delhi Häagen-Dazs outlet. It was one of the best flavors I have ever tried and since then I have it in my mind to recreate a passionfruit and mango ice cream at home.

I had some frozen passionfruit pulp that has been lying in the freezer for a while now. I had bought it to use in a lemon curd, passionfruit buttercream and coconut cake, which turned out absolutely delicious. I somehow never got around to share the recipe, but hopefully will make it again and share on the blog soon.

Coming back to the ice cream, I have no idea why I waited this long to try the recipe, but oh my goodness, this ice cream is the bomb. Its not mango season any more in India so I couldn’t recreate the exact flavors, but I am not complaining. With a smooth and creamy texture and a slight tang from the passionfruit, this ice cream is a winner in my book.

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lychee ice cream

Summer is officially here and even though summer comes with many sweaty woes, but as my fellow blogger Gayatri pointed out summer does come with its biggest perks- stone fruits! Mangoes, plums, lychees, cherries, peaches and the like. Which invariably means- pies, cobblers, jams and of course ice cream!

In my last post I mentioned about our trip to the indian store. Besides getting fenugreek leaves, I also brought home some lychees.

I took some time to like lychees. Probably because they require a lot of effort to eat. Peeling the skin and then spitting out the seed. As kids, our summer vacations were always at my grandparents house in Jalandhar, Punjab. My cousin sister would also spend her summer there with us. She and I have a ten year age difference and I looked up to her as a big sister, which meant I would imitate her habits quite a bit. If she ate musk melon, cut in half like a bowl, that’s how I started eating it. She is also the reason why I started eating lychees. She loves them and my grandfather would stock the fridge with lots of lychees during season. So when she got some for herself, she would share with me and even though I found it a lot of effort I slowly started eating and then eventually liking them.

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Slow Cooker Pista Kulfi | The Novice HousewifeA few weeks back, over lunch, while eating kulfi bought from a local sweet shop, my mother told me about this kulfi she had made when my dad was posted at Bidar, almost 27 years back or so. She remembered it as the best kulfi she had eaten or ever made. She said it was every bit creamy and even though she had lost the original recipe, she remembered that she had added whole wheat flour to the mix. She remembered a few other key ingredients as well and I used that as the starting point for a google search of that recipe.

A few link clicks and I stumbled on this site which had a version of kulfi quite similar to what my mother remembers her recipe to be. With a little tweaks, after consulting with my mom, I set out to make homemade saffron pistachio kulfi in the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Pista Kulfi | The Novice Housewife

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