Easy recipe for homemade besan ke ladoo with just five ingredients.

besan ke ladoo

Its festive season in India, with Diwali just around the corner. The markets are crowded with people, who are busy buying stuff for their house, gifts for others and themselves, shopping for clothes, buying sweets to be distributed or just enjoying all the festivities.

I am very selective when it comes to Indian sweets. For desserts I generally prefer baked goods, but there are exceptions where I would go for an Indian sweet over something baked.

Thin crisp Jalebis are my weakness, warm and soft gulab jamuns are the perfect treat and my mom’s atte ke halwa or kada parshad from the Gurudwara will be my choice any day over any sweet, baked or otherwise. Besan ke ladoo, are another favorite and for this Diwali I thought of making them at home.

Made from gram flour and very few other ingredients, besan ke ladoos are bites of heaven, according me. Goldenish in color and rich with the taste of ghee; the trick to making good besan ke ladoos is to make sure that your gram flour is properly roasted. Your house should smell like roasted besan- that’s when you know its done. But be careful not to let it go too dark, else you wont get the nice goldenish color that besan ke ladoos generally have.

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Batter fried crispy white fish with indian spices. Gluten free.


When I was in India and working on The Pink CakeBox, the cook at my parents’ house would make amazing crispy Amritsari fish. Growing up I was never into seafood but somewhere along the line, that has changed. I am still not too experimental but I am better at trying out stuff.

Even when I was not into seafood, Amritsari Fish is one thing I would still eat without creating a fuss, probably because it is fried. Summer vacations at my grandparents always meant Amritsari fish and tandoori chicken for snacks. Dal makhani, butter chicken and butter naan for dinner, and ice cream for dessert. No wonder I was a fat kid.

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Mung bean dal is a great easy to digest pulse.  Packed with protein and fiber, serve mung bean dal plain or with rice or roti for a healthy vegan and gluten free meal.

Bianca and I met by chance. My originally scheduled City Surf Class got cancelled so I took the one that she was the instructor for. Even though I would have liked to hate her for making me completely out of breath and almost feel like dying, I immediately liked her for her energy. We got talking after the class and I learned about her blog TooBu. We exchanged our numbers and met over coffee. That’s when I met the second TooBu girl, Lita. We spoke a lot over coffee and worked over a collaboration.
The TooBu girls wanted to come and see me cook two recipes, one Indian and one anything else I felt like. Since both Lita and Bianca are fitness enthusiasts, and their blog revolves around holistic living, I thought of sharing this Split Mung Bean Dal recipe with their blog followers. I also shared the coconut lime zucchini bread with them.
Split Mung Bean Dal

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