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Amritsari Kulchas with step by step photographs | The Novice Housewife Amritsari Kulchas with step by step photographs | The Novice Housewife

Before my grandparents moved to Mohali they were living in Jalandhar, a city in the northern indian state of Punjab. About ten minutes from our house in Jalandhar was this Gurudwara (the holy place where Sikhs worship) that my grandparents would go to regularly. Every afternoon, just a few feet away from the Gurudwara, a guy would come with his mobile cart and sell these amazingly thin, crispy yet soft Amritsari Kulchas. He would only come in the afternoon with the dough and filling prepared at home and would stuff and bake the kulchas in front of us, serving them in plates with his famous spicy chickpea curry. Our summer vacations were full of foodie adventures and my grandparents loved feeding us. These amritsari kulchas were a must on each of our visits.

Every afternoon, people would come during their lunch break and line up for a plate of this guy’s delicious Kulchas. He always came alone and stuffed the dough in front of you and baked it in his mobile tandoor to serve the dozens of people waiting next to his cart. Since he baked then and there, we would get piping hot kulchas laden with oodles of butter that would immediately start melting once placed on the kulcha. Not only were his kulchas to die for, but he made a delicious spicy chickpea curry and gave homemade pickle on the side. Eating them fresh out of his tandoor was the best option but generally we would get them packed for the whole family and eat at home. And stuff ourselves crazy. No wonder my brother and I would gain 5-6 kilos easily during the months of May and June.

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Slow Cooker Pista Kulfi | The Novice HousewifeA few weeks back, over lunch, while eating kulfi bought from a local sweet shop, my mother told me about this kulfi she had made when my dad was posted at Bidar, almost 27 years back or so. She remembered it as the best kulfi she had eaten or ever made. She said it was every bit creamy and even though she had lost the original recipe, she remembered that she had added whole wheat flour to the mix. She remembered a few other key ingredients as well and I used that as the starting point for a google search of that recipe.

A few link clicks and I stumbled on this site which had a version of kulfi quite similar to what my mother remembers her recipe to be. With a little tweaks, after consulting with my mom, I set out to make homemade saffron pistachio kulfi in the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Pista Kulfi | The Novice Housewife

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The  almond croissants at L'Opera, Khan Market, Delhi

The almond croissants at L’Opera, Khan Market, Delhi


The last few days had been  slightly busy, my grandfather got sick, then there were other things to attend to, plus my internet connection sucks making it even more difficult to put up posts and as such no GMT happened this week and I haven’t been able to post anything after last week’s GMT. Getting this post live, even though for most parts it was ready, has also been a task. I don’t have a recipe to share today but instead will share some of my gastronomical experiences when I was in Delhi for 10 days.

Since Delhi is the capital of India, each of India’s 29 states has a government run house for its affairs, called bhavans. These bhavans have guest houses for its states officials and also run a canteen/restaurant in their premises. Some of the bhavan’s canteen/restaurants are open for the general public, providing a taste of their authentic regional cuisine at quite an affordable price.

When V had come down to India for his MBA course, and with  him being busy during the days with his course classes and with my in-laws busy with elections in Firozabad, and my friends busy during the day, I was mostly left to eat lunch out alone in Delhi. I hate eating out alone. I can’t do it. Its too boring. I would rather get a to-go, switch to PJs in my room, put on TV and watch something while eating. So even though I had made a list of going to all the State Bhavans for lunch and trying out their food I was only able to brave it once and soon realized eating out alone is just not my cup of tea. In theory it sounded great, and I was all excited about it but when I sat down to eat, I made a note to myself never again.

The chicken curry at Assam Bhavan, Delhi | The Novice Housewife

The chicken curry at Assam Bhavan, Delhi

Assam Bhavan, Delhi | The Novice Housewife

Assam Bhavan, Delhi | The Novice Housewife

My first tryst with Bhavan food was when I was pursuing my bachelors degree in Delhi. Friends of my parents were regular at Sikkim House and loved the food served there and insisted we try it out as well. Though the place was a little gloomy decor wise, the food was exceptionally good. I am not sure whether Sikkim House’s restaurant is still open for general public, because my dad’s driver recently told me that it was not open for outsiders any more. Since I haven’t personally checked it I can not confirm it. If any one of you has been there in the recent past do let me know, I would definitely like to go try their dishes again.

Dal, Assam Bhavan, New Delhi | The Novice Housewife

Dal, Assam Bhavan, New Delhi

Fish Tenga, Assam Bhavan | The Novice Housewife

Fish Tenga, Assam Bhavan, New Delhi

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