Mung bean dal is a great easy to digest pulse.  Packed with protein and fiber, serve mung bean dal plain or with rice or roti for a healthy vegan and gluten free meal.

Bianca and I met by chance. My originally scheduled City Surf Class got cancelled so I took the one that she was the instructor for. Even though I would have liked to hate her for making me completely out of breath and almost feel like dying, I immediately liked her for her energy. We got talking after the class and I learned about her blog TooBu. We exchanged our numbers and met over coffee. That’s when I met the second TooBu girl, Lita. We spoke a lot over coffee and worked over a collaboration.
The TooBu girls wanted to come and see me cook two recipes, one Indian and one anything else I felt like. Since both Lita and Bianca are fitness enthusiasts, and their blog revolves around holistic living, I thought of sharing this Split Mung Bean Dal recipe with their blog followers. I also shared the coconut lime zucchini bread with them.
Split Mung Bean Dal

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Masala LemonadeMasala Nimbu Soda

There is a very popular summer time street drink in India called Banta. Some know it as Goli Soda, others call it heaven in a bottle especially when they have been traveling in the scorching roads of Delhi.

Masala Nimbu Soda aka Banta aka Goli Soda aka heaven in a bottle is basically a carbonated version of the summer favorite lemonade with an indian twist of chaat masala and black salt. And as part of this week’s GMT (belated GMT now- I apologize for that) I am sharing the recipe today.

Sprouts Farmers Market is doing a roundup of recipes that you can make for your Summer Olympics watch party. And what better recipe to share than a refreshing summer drink. Opening ceremony is in 2 days guys and while you don’t need to throw a get together to make this, this would be great to serve if you had guests over. Spike it up with some white rum, mint leaves call it a Masala Mojito and there’s your party!

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Chicken Seekh kebab

Only a few more days till the Olympics Opening Ceremony on August 5th. Are any of you doing a watch party for the opening ceremony? If you are and are thinking what to make for an Olympic theme evening, Sprouts Farmers Market has you covered. Sprouts is collaborating with fellow bloggers and doing a round up of apps, sides and fun snacks from different countries for the perfect watch party and of course I had to share something Indian.

I love kebabs and tikkas and being grilling season I thought chicken seekh kebabs would be perfect as an Indian entry to your Olympic themed snacks table.

Seekh kebabs, if I may say so are an Indian’s answer to sausages or bratswurst, and are an integral part of Indian cuisine thanks to the rule of the Mughal empire. You can serve seekh kebabs as a snack along with some mint chutney, or make a meal out of it by serving the seekh kebabs with some naan, mint yogurt chutney and cucumber tomato onion salad.

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