Vegetable Rava Uttapam – easy and quick uttapams made with rava or sooji or semolina.

Vegetable Uttapam | The Novice Housewife

When I was in college in Delhi and staying in the AFWWA hostel, every Tuesday for breakfast we would get Uttapam. I generally never had time to eat breakfast; I was always running late. I would get the Uttapams packed and take it to college to eat later in the day, grabbing my fruit and eating that as breakfast. Even on days when I did have time to eat breakfast, I would make it a point to pack 2 or 3 since my friends had gotten used to them and looked forward to Tuesday Uttapams. I miss college days!

I don’t cook much south indian fare at home, even though I love dosa, idli, sambhar. I am more comfortable with cooking north indian cuisine and stick to that. My idlis are generally made from a packet or are the quick rava idlis I have posted before. The only time I have cooked dosas from a scratch batter is when my friend was kind enough to loan me some of hers. Once I did try fermenting my own batter but it was a huge fail. This was when I had just started cooking about 6 years back, and ever since I have just stuck to eating dosas outside or counting on my south indian friends to make them for me.

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Poha Patties

One of my favorite Indian breakfasts (besides aloo paratha) is Poha.

Poha is flattened dehusked rice and is an easily digestible form of raw rice. Being quick to cook with, you will find poha as a very popular choice for breakfast in most Indian households. It also makes a healthy snack option, given its nutrition benefits.

Poha is high in iron, rich in fibre and also a healthier option to get your fix of carbs in the morning. And that is why it features on lot of indian tables as a breakfast option.

Poha Patties

Even though celiacs should consult with their doctor before eating poha, poha is known to have very low amounts of gluten, making it fit for certain people who are uncomfortable with gluten. Poha is also very good for diabetics as it promotes slow release of sugar into the bloodstream. It also keeps you full for a longer time. (ref:

While I have a great recipe for poha with veggies which I make often (I will definitely share it with you one of these days), today I am sharing this quick and easy poha patties recipe. Poha Patties is great to serve as an evening snack or even for breakfast. It also makes a great addition in your kids’ lunch boxes. You can make variations to the basic recipe I am sharing today by adding boiled peas, or peanuts. Use cilantro or mint leaves if you can’t find curry leaves. Curry leaves and poha can be found in most Indian grocery stores.

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Whole Green lentils (whole green mung dal) with cilantro and mint. 

Whole Green Lentils | The Novice Housewife

I was a picky eater growing up. The only lentil dish I would eat was maa ki dal – a lighter version of the popular dal makhani. My mom tried her best to make me eat more varieties but I just wouldn’t. She had a tough time cooking for me – rajma chawal, aloo parantha, ande ki bhurji (indian scrambled eggs), bhindi
(okra), dal makhani, cholle bhature made 90% of my Indian food diet. Anything else generally met with a lot of resistance.

So while I have been experimental with my cooking and baking, I have been pretty restrictive with Indian cooking, focusing mainly on stuff that I have grown up eating. The only lentils I generally cook are urad saboot (whole unskinned black lentils that I use in my dal makhani recipe) and toovar dal (yellow pigeon pea). Toovar dal only made an appearance in my diet post marriage since V, being from UP, is a big fan of it.

Whole Green Lentils | The Novice Housewife

When my mom was here she used the other lentils that were in my pantry and made different dals for us and both of us really enjoyed. And I realized I should start including them in our diet more.

The other day when I was menu planning, I came across this recipe for whole green lentils with cilantro and mint in Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick and Easy Indian cooking . Although not the most attractive looking dish, it definitely is tasty and a perfect healthy side for your indian meals. You can also make it a little more watery and have it as a lentil soup. I served it with indian flat breads and my favorite achaari paneer recipe.

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