Besan Ke Ladoo and Round up of Diwali Desserts
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 24
  • 2 cups coarse besan/gram flour
  • 1 cup (with 1-2 tbsp removed) ghee
  • 1½ cups boora or powdered sugar
  • 8-10 roasted almonds
  • 4 cardamoms, seeds removed and ground
  • 1-2 tbsp water
  1. In a thick bottomed pan, or kadhai melt the ghee on medium heat. Once ghee is melted and hot, turn heat to medium low and add the coarse besan/gram flour and stir to mix it in. Constantly stir and cook the besan with the ghee till the ghee separates out and you can smell the cooked besan. It takes about 20-25 minutes. Make sure you keep stirring and the heat is not too high. Once almost done, as the ghee is separating from the besan, add a few splashed of water, making sure to stir the mixture. This helps in the final grainy texture of the ladoos. Stir for another minute. Remove from flame and let this mixture cool completely.
  2. Roast the almonds, and then coarsely grind them in a food processor.
  3. Once the besan-ghee mixture is cool, add the burra, the ground almonds and cardamom. Do not add the burra/powdered sugar to the besan-ghee mixture till it cools off, else your sugar will melt and you will have a difficult time forming ladoos. For me the level of sweetness is perfect with 1.5 cups of boora, but in case you like your ladoos sweeter please add more boora.
  4. Mix together well, and then using both your hands form ladoos/round balls. I generally dont keep the ladoos too big in size and as a result get 24 ladoos our of this recipe. Depending on the size your yield might vary.
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