Happy Independence Day!! India celebrates its 63rd Independence Day today. The last one week I have been in Independence mode, changing my profile pic on facebook to that of the Indian flag, posting patriotic videos, missing India so much and feeling so proud of my fighter pilot dad and Naval Aviator bro (the last not restricted to just last week).

My dad recently was involved in some rescue operations in the flash flood struck Ladakh region and he was there saving the lives of people. I was scared for his safety (can’t imagine what my mom must be going through) but I was really proud of him. I am sure my mother has a tough time being totally cool with the danger involved in both my dad’s and brother’s profession, especially considering the history. Both, my father and brother, have had to eject when their planes crashed, in totally separate incidents. Fortunately, the crashes were not fatal and both have now fully recovered to fly again. But, many of my father and brother’s friends haven’t been so lucky.

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Yesterday, V and I called our Indian friends home for dinner. Fortunately, for me, this was not the first time they were having food cooked by me. I say fortunately, because, the food was not tasty, at all :(. I had made sookhe kale chane (dry black chickpeas), aloo sabzi (a spicy mashed potato dish), bhindi raita (okra in yogurt) and poori (a deep fried Indian flat bread).

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I am having writer’s block.

Probably its the fact that I am very tired.

I finally finished work on the tin trunk and was faced with the difficult task to find the perfect place for it in my house. And, that can be a daunting task. I could have waited for V to help me lift and try different permutation and combinations. But, I am a very impatient person, especially when it comes to things like these. I like to get them done that very moment. So, here I was lugging the trunk from one corner to the other; shifting the side tables from here to there; shifting curios from the side table to the trunk and then back and so on and so forth.

Finally, I found a spot, where, for the time being, it looks perfect (when I get bored of this setting, I already have another place set in mind where I could put it).

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