Basil and Parmesan Spelt BreadBasil and Parmesan Spelt Bread

I know I am not doing a good job of keeping the blog going these days but I am hoping this gets corrected soon because while I am not blogging, I have been cooking and trying new recipes out and the pending post lists just keeps growing.

I realized I have not posted a new bread recipe for some time now, so today thought of sharing this basil and parmesan spelt bread recipe that I tried recently.

Its an adaption of the whole wheat bread recipe I have posted before. Instead of whole wheat flour I used spelt flour and wheat germ in this bread. I love spelt flour and while mellower in taste than whole wheat, some claim it to be healthier. According to various health sites, Spelt is high in vitamin B2, niacin, manganese, thiamin, copper, and magnesium. There are varying arguments though on whether spelt is more nutritious than whole wheat, but it still has its share of nutrition and is great if you are making a switch from regular flour to more wholesome grains. Also, the greater solubility of spelt protein makes it easier to digest than wheat, and thus making the nutrients more easily available to your body.

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Cardamom and Fig Thumbprint Cookies

I love jam cookies. I have previously posted coconut jam cookies on the blog, and whenever I make them I have a tough time controlling myself from finishing the entire batch.

If you have been following me on instagram, you might remember me mentioning about the shoot I did for Gimme Emporium, a local Dallas based business. After the shoot Tina and Jessica, the owners, sent me home with a few of their jams, including a bottle of fig jam, along with a lot of other amazing goodies.

Growing up I loved jam and toast, but nowadays I hardly ever buy jam because of the high sugar content and the different preservatives one finds in most store bought jams. Occasionally though I do still like warm toast with a little butter and homemade fruit preserve but those occasions are rare.

Since I knew V and I wont be eating toast and jam as much, I decided to make these wholewheat cardamom thumbprint cookies with the fig jam I got thanks to Gimme Emporium and am glad I did.

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Lemon Waffles with Blueberry CompoteSHU_7931

I have been feeling a little uninspired to post lately and thats why the less frequent posts. Hopefully I will get out of the rut soon, because I do have a few posts lined up with new recipes.

Given today is a Sunday and given that we were out till late last night, I woke up way too early. Since I could not get back to sleep I thought I would blog about these lemon waffles with blueberry compote that from the Best American Breakfasts cookbook that we ate last Sunday.

I love breakfast. Now that we are in Dallas, every weekend you can find us hitting some new spot for brunch. I hardly try dinner or lunch items anymore because if there is brunch on the menu then thats what I am having. I will not be exaggerating if I say that I can have breakfast food for all of my meals. So I was pretty excited to get this book.

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