The Saturday that went, was spent treating my stomach to a cloud like tiramisu, amongst other deliciously prepared food and enjoying the company of some very lovely foodies.

JW Marriot and the people behind GourmetChandigarh (instagram: @gourmetchandigarh) organized a Chef’s Table at Oregano, JW Marriot, Chandigarh on 25th May. Chef Alessio was our chef for the afternoon and he taught us two basic italian classics- Tiramisu and Lasagna.

I love a good tiramisu and the one we learnt on Saturday surely did not disappoint. The filling was light and airy and made with a few ingredients was easily put together. After introductions by Chef Pallav and the assistant manager Anshul, Chef Alessio took over. Chef Alessio is an italian so he was the perfect instructor for our afternoon Italian cooking session, giving us simple tips to make tiramisu and lasagna the traditional way.

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When my my parents were living in Allahabad, there was a lady my mom told me about who made really scrumptious pies. She was sweet enough to send two savory veg pies for me when I was around. The crust was buttery and rich and when I read the recipe she had kindly sent with the pies, I realized why. The dough contained a 1:1 ratio of fat to flour.

Generally, pie recipes start of with cold butter being cut into flour to resemble coarse breadcrumbs. Then water or egg (or vodka) is added to make the dough to come together. This recipe starts off the same, but instead of water the lady added low-fat cream (25% fat content) as the preferred choice of liquid. Its definitely more fattening, but it does taste good. So good :)

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I know its a Tuesday and I know I haven’t been regular with GMT postings but I am sure the recipe for these peanut butter cookies will make up for the lack of me posting something Indian.

Last week was rough- a tragedy happened during the renovation of our house which ended up in a worker’s death. It shook all of us and I can not even imagine what his family must have gone through. But life had to move on.

Then an order that I worked on did not survive the 5 hour journey the customer took and it was the first time I was experiencing such a thing, so that to did not bring any cheer to the week.  But lessons were learnt and hopefully it won’t happen again.

Anyway, I guess life is too short to live in worry and stress and sadness. We need to accept that things won’t always sail smoothly, and its ok.

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