Mung bean dal is a great easy to digest pulse.  Packed with protein and fiber, serve mung bean dal plain or with rice or roti for a healthy vegan and gluten free meal.

Bianca and I met by chance. My originally scheduled City Surf Class got cancelled so I took the one that she was the instructor for. Even though I would have liked to hate her for making me completely out of breath and almost feel like dying, I immediately liked her for her energy. We got talking after the class and I learned about her blog TooBu. We exchanged our numbers and met over coffee. That’s when I met the second TooBu girl, Lita. We spoke a lot over coffee and worked over a collaboration.
The TooBu girls wanted to come and see me cook two recipes, one Indian and one anything else I felt like. Since both Lita and Bianca are fitness enthusiasts, and their blog revolves around holistic living, I thought of sharing this Split Mung Bean Dal recipe with their blog followers. I also shared the coconut lime zucchini bread with them.
Split Mung Bean Dal

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Its the weekend and I could not be happier. This week has been tough- my energy levels have been low. Both V and I struggled with sleep this whole week, and we both struggled with our respective work. I did not cook much, was not even inspired to which is weird for me. Nor did I get much exercise done- probably why I felt even more lazy. I am hoping next week changes and feel more motivated.

Last week I was invited by  Cafe Salsera, in Deep Ellum, to sample their new revised menu. We don’t eat mexican when we go out too often probably because when we were in Morenci we had only one restaurant to go to and it was mexican. After 6 years to be limited to one mexican restaurant we are more than happy to explore other cuisines. But I still love mexican food, I guess because it reminds me a little of Indian food, and Salsera’s food did just that. We started off our meal with some drinks and the flautas from the new menu. Deep fried anything is always good but when you serve it with avocado mousse and salsa and crema on the side, it just makes everything even better. So good. We also got to sample the ceviche with shrimp which of course V did not touch while I throughly enjoyed. I highly recommend the Hibiscus mojito when you go there. Also the camarones a la diabla which the chef was kind enough to make with chicken since V does not eat shrimp and we both loved it. I got the mole and while the chicken was cooked well, I realized I am not a fan of mole sauce. I did love the beans that came with the dish. I would go back just for the beans. Overall we had a good time, and if you are ever in the neighbourhood especially on a Tuesday evening I would recommend you to try Salsera out. Every Tuesdays they have free salsa lessons from 6-10p and you might just find me there learning salsa and sipping on my Hibiscus mojito.

For more information on Salsera, check their site out.

Flautas at Salsera

Flautas with avocado mousse and salsa at Cafe Salsera

el diablo with chicken at Salsera

 Camarones a la diabla with chicken at Cafe Salsera

Last week we also brunched at Ida Claire. Heads up, if you plan to go there make a reservation the wait on weekends can be crazy. Once you enter the place you know why everyone wants to brunch here. From the crockery to the decor (hanging antique bird cages and walls decorated to southern memorabilia) all made me swoon over the place. We went with friends and between us tried the chicken and waffles, apple crisp french toast and nashville hot fried chicken. While I always go for chicken and waffles, this is one place where I would highly recommend you to try the nashville hot fried chicken. Crispy, juicy with enough spice to give it flavor but not burn your mouth. I loved it and was kicking myself that it was not the dish that I ordered, although the french toast that I ate wasn’t too bad either.

For more information on Ida Claire, check their site out.

Southern Fried Chicken at Ida Claire

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken at Ida Claire

Chicken and waffles at Ida Claire

Chicken and waffles at Ida Claire

French toast at ida claire

Apple crisp french toast

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Masala LemonadeMasala Nimbu Soda

There is a very popular summer time street drink in India called Banta. Some know it as Goli Soda, others call it heaven in a bottle especially when they have been traveling in the scorching roads of Delhi.

Masala Nimbu Soda aka Banta aka Goli Soda aka heaven in a bottle is basically a carbonated version of the summer favorite lemonade with an indian twist of chaat masala and black salt. And as part of this week’s GMT (belated GMT now- I apologize for that) I am sharing the recipe today.

Sprouts Farmers Market is doing a roundup of recipes that you can make for your Summer Olympics watch party. And what better recipe to share than a refreshing summer drink. Opening ceremony is in 2 days guys and while you don’t need to throw a get together to make this, this would be great to serve if you had guests over. Spike it up with some white rum, mint leaves call it a Masala Mojito and there’s your party!

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