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I had pinned this recipe for Quinoa bread quite a while back. The recipe was in French (or that’s what google says) but it intrigued me quite a bit, and with the help of google translator I could figure it out more or less and seemed like an easy recipe.

And it IS easy.

Not much of kneading, though I did knead it a little more than what the original recipe suggests. Well, the original recipe just calls for mixing everything with a wooden spoon. Maybe because I used slightly less water than called for I did have to knead it a little by hand to make it into a smooth dough. But that was it.

Also, I was a little wary of adding the walnuts before the first rise, because my knowledge of bread baking tells me that any additions like seeds, nuts weighs the dough down and thus inhibits rising so they should be added after the first rise. Luckily the dough still rose but since I was in a time crunch I did not wait till it tripled in size, as the recipe states but baked it once it was double in size after an hour and a half.

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bhindi raita-2

….or put in english- Roasted Okra in Yogurt.

I have posted this recipe long, long back. It was one of the initial few recipes that were put on the blog, when only my close friends knew about the blog. So why am I posting it again. Because I have changed it slightly. Also, things written in that post have also changed. Slightly.

I had started this blog to not only document recipes that I tried but also have a place to jot down snippets from my life, so that one day I can go through a particular blog post and know that on that particular day while preparing macarons I screwed up and ended up with this. Or how people on facebook congratulated me for being pregnant when I clearly was not and as a result made this.

It was also a place to document V and my life together. So when I went back to the old recipe’s post it was amusing to see how some things have changed.

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ghiya kofta-3

If you have been paying attention to what I write on my blog and have an amazing memory, then you would know how much I love my parents’ cook, Hira. He is super talented and makes the most amazing food. Had I not gotten sick in India I am sure I would have put on a lot of weight. Thankfully that did not happen.

So while V was having super healthy Glow spinach smoothies in the US, I was feasting on Hira’s amritsari Kulchas, chholley, butter chicken, grilled fish, koftas, phirni decorated with rose petals and so much more. (I really have no right to crib that V is thinner than me, just don’t.)

The other day my mom and I were on the phone and my mom told me about what Hira had been making quite a lot for their lunch these days. She was talking about these Ghiya koftas that I am sharing today on GMT.

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