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I have made this vegetable pulao so many times now but somehow have not posted the recipe for it on the blog. Let’s correct that today!

The reason why I turn to this recipe for vegetable pulao is that its so easy to make and even though it can be served as a side, with a little more veggies in the mix it doubles up perfectly as a main. The best part though- this pulao is a one pot meal. So clean up is easy too.

I have barely adapted this recipe from Soma’s blog Soma suggests not to use veggies like broccoli or cauliflower so that the flavors of the spices are distinct. Since I make this dish for a complete meal I do add some veggies, especially cauliflower. And then serve it raita and pickle. If using the pulao as a side you can leave out the cauliflower.

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Smashed roasted garlic potatoes | The Novice Housewife

Andie Mitchell is the author  of the New York Times bestseller It Was Me All Along, a memoir where she talks about her 135 pounds weight loss, body image issues and her journey towards self-acceptance.

Eating in the Middle: A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook is her debut cookbook where she shares recipes that have helped her maintain these lifestyle changes.

Smashed roasted garlic potatoes | The Novice Housewife

With a very motivating and honest introduction, Andie Mitchell’s Eating in the Middle is loaded with “recipes that are healthy, wholesome with a focus on big, boisterous flavors“.  She admits that depravation is not the key to a healthy lifestyle and so to keep a fair balance, the book also has its share of recipes that are richer and more decadent, which is what I love about the cookbook. Struggling with weight loss and going on the all or nothing diets is what makes lifestyle changes difficult. Andie dismisses these extreme changes and tells us through her recipes and storytelling to embrace a path that does not deny us the decadent treats and teaches us to enjoy food in a balanced way.

While on one hand you have nourishing dishes like butternut squash salad with kale and pomegranate and arugula with orange segments, spiced walnuts and goat cheese; on the other hand, to keep things realistic, you  have gooey chocolate chip cookie pie and peanut butter mousse pie with marshmallow whipped cream (yum!).

And then there are more balanced meals like the chicken and mushrooms in mustard marsala cream sauce and spicy chipotle chicken enchiladas.

Smashed roasted garlic potatoes | The Novice Housewife

Each recipe has a corresponding picture of the finished product which photographer Aran Goyoaga and prop stylist Jenn Elliot Blake have beautifully captured. A per serving information chart is given along with every recipe, and even though I am not a calorie counting person it is definitely helpful to know.

The book has so many recipes that I would like to try and have already stocked up my refrigerator to make the spicy tofu stir-fry next.

Today  though, I am sharing this quick and easy recipe for smashed roasted garlic potatoes from the book, which makes a perfect side dish. In Andie’s words “they are crisp and crusty with soft, mashy middles.”

Hope you enjoy them.

The book is available on Amazon here.

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Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas Urban Bazaar 2016 Dallas

Yesterday I spoke about my time at last week’s Savor Dallas’ events. You would think after eating so much food I would be on a salad diet, but then you would be wrong.

On Sunday, I attended the Urban Bazaar hosted by Little D Markets. Luckily, the Bazaar was not just about food, but it had its share.

If you have been following my instagram pages- both my personal and my photography page, you would have an idea that I have been shooting a few images for an upcoming Dallas based restaurant, Gather Kitchen. They were participating in the Bazaar and wanted me to take a few pictures for them at the event. I am really excited for them and they have an interesting concept lined up. Once they open, I will share more details about their restaurant, for now you can check the pictures from the event.

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