Yesterday, a friend of mine who is in India, asked me whether I was happy here and do I see myself settling here. She is thinking of moving to the States, but loves India too much to ever think of settling anywhere else and wanted my take on the whole thing.

To be honest, if given a chance I would move to India in a heartbeat. Not to discard the lifestyle I have here, its great. I have great friends, without whom I don’t think I could have lasted as long as I did in this place and I would definitely miss the luxury of certain food items available here, especially when it comes to baking. I will aslo miss the TV shows that you get to see as soon as they premier instead of hoping and praying for the Indian channels to think that the show is worthy of broadcasting in India and then only getting to see it.

But that said, India has always suited me more. They say you always do better in your habitat and well, India is my habitat.


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mocha swirl breadSHU_6326Seriously this cake is jinxed.

This is the second time I am trying it and the second time I am getting it wrong.

Last time I dropped the whole cake halfway through the baking process, while I was trying to check on doneness. You can refresh your memory here. This time even before starting, I managed to drop the box of cornmeal on the floor. On the plus side, the box did not empty completely and some of the cornmeal did not spill onto the floor, leaving me with sufficient cornmeal to use in the cake. On the negative side, the cornmeal did make quite a mess on the floor.

If that was not enough, like last time I forgot that I was supposed to put the espresso water and cocoa after I divided the batter. I would like to blame the whole cleaning up of the corn meal from the floor process for my temporary absent mindedness, but I dont think it was just that. The cake is just jinxed.

Since it was too late to do anything I thought I will make a mocha chocolate swirl bread. So I added 4tsp of cocoa, 3 tsp of sugar and 2 tsp of yogurt to one of the parts and baked it. It might not be like the original, but it did not turn that bad either. Anyway I will try again. Maybe third time’s the charm?

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So today, V plucked (actually snipped) these two beauties from my hair. Some call it a mother’s blessing but seriously I would prefer blessings in another form. V says its a sign of maturity. I think its a sign of becoming wiser. (Why else would judges wear white wigs, if that’s not what its supposed to mean.) The strange part, one of the two white hairs I plucked was actually still dark brown from the roots, but white at the tips, kind of like it decided mid way that it preferred being dark brown rather than white.

photo (1)

In India, we have something like the evil eye, we just call it boori nazar (which literally translates to the same), and V and I have come to the conclusion that’s what has happened with me (well, I came to the conclusion, he just agreed :/ ). My hair has been a target of an evil eye (most likely, its my own evil eye, but lets just pretend it’s not).

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