The tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut in this pineapple coconut birthday cake are sure to please family and friends and make any occasion special.  

Pineapple Coconut Birthday Cake

I have been facing writers’ block for a while. There is so much going on that I don’t know where to begin. This space has always been snippets of my life and a recipe. While I have recipes to share, its difficult to put down in words what all has been going on. I have been sitting with this post for a couple of days, and since nothing is coming to me, I will start this post by talking about this pineapple coconut birthday cake and leave it at that.

4th July was my dad’s birthday and since I was home for his birthday, I wanted to make a cake for him. I decided on a soft, fluffy coconut cake I had made for one of his previous birthdays, this time with a crushed pineapple filling and a whipped cream cheese frosting.

I worked on the cake recipe when I was working on my home based baking business, The Pink CakeBox. The recipe is adapted from here. The coconut cake is soft and fluffy because it uses a mix of oil and butter, and mildly flavored with coconut extract which gives the cake a lovely coconut flavor. The pairing with pineapple makes it a pina colada sort of cake, which is what I love about this pineapple coconut birthday cake.

A lot of people are not particularly fond of buttercream frosting. While I love buttercream frosting with a rich chocolate cake, for more tropical flavors or fruit based cakes I prefer either a simple whipped cream frosting, or my current favorite this whipped cream cheese frosting which is made from cream cheese and whipping cream. Its light, with a slight richness from the cream cheese. Its not sweet at all, and is great for piping too.

To decorate the cake, I used a small star tip and made 9’s all across the cake. Its a simple technique with beautiful results.

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Packed with flavor of pistachios and orange blossom, these white chocolate cranberry pistachio cookies will become a favorite of yours. The overnight refrigerations gives lovely textures to the cookie and a distinct caramel taste.

White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio cookies

My dad loves food. Its probably where I have acquired my love for food. So when the other day he requested for some home baked cookies, I could not say no to him. Initially I thought of making chocolate chip cookies, but then I thought I will try a new recipe out. Also, I have these white chocolate chips that have been lying in my refrigerator for a while I wanted to use. I looked around and found this Cranberry Pistachio white chocolate chip cookie recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

I made a few changes. One, I made them half whole wheat- which I generally do with most of my baked goods, especially with cookies. The whole wheat provides a lovely texture to cookies, without making them dense or compromising on taste. Also, I added some orange blossom water because I thought it would go well with the pistachio flavor in the cookie.

Have I told you how much I love the results refrigerated cookie dough bring to the cookies? It’s why I love the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe and its why I always make sure when I am patient enough to wait for my cookies to always refrigerate the dough overnight.

Hope you get to try these cookies out. They have a lovely flavor of orange blossom water and pistachios along with the tartness of dried cherries. If you try them out, please let me know how they turn out. You can connect with me here, on instagram, facebook and twitter.

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Vegan, gluten free buddha bowl recipe with roasted vegetables, quinoa and chickpeas

Vegan Buddha bowl with roasted vegetables, quinoa and chickpeas

Buddha bowls are so good. They can be customized in so many different ways. They are not difficult to prep, which makes me wonder why I don’t make them more often. And since 2017 is the year of Buddha bowl, its only fair now when half the year is over, I share my first buddha bowl recipe today. I am sharing the recipe for this vegan and gluten free buddha bowl with roasted vegetables, quinoa and chickpeas and a cashew cream sauce.

I have always wondered, how the Buddha bowl got its name. This article on Epicurious  is a great read to know more about the history behind buddha bowls.

The article in Epicurious explains the origins in the following excerpt:

Buddha woke up before dawn every morning and carried his bowl through the roads or paths wherever he was staying. Local people would place food in the bowl as a donation, and at the end he would eat whatever he had been given,” explains Zigmond. “So that was the original Buddha Bowl: a big bowl of whatever food villagers had available and could afford to share. It was probably pretty healthy, since Buddha lived before the age of cheap processed food, but it was also probably pretty simple, maybe rice and a simple curry.

Since most buddha bowls are bowls overflowing with vibrant food, some also say the reason why its called a Buddha bowl, since it resembles Buddha’s belly. Whatever the origin, buddha bowls are nourishing meals with little bites of everything, arranged in a pretty and artful way- making them an instant instagram success.

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