If anyone is wondering what’s happening to my past post recipes and they look a little incomplete- you might be right in thinking so.

There is some problem with the easy recipe plugin I have and some of the text and all the pictures under the recipe part of my posts are somehow not showing on the site. The recipe are complete in my drafts, but on the site they do not appear complete.

Take the last post, for example. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza. The recipe is incomplete. It’s there in my drafts- complete with all the instructions but it doesn’t show on the site. I am working with the plugin guys and hopefully this problem should be resolved soon. But in the meanwhile if you are planning to make anything from the blog and feel it is not complete, do let me know and I will mail you the recipe till all this gets sorted out!

Amidst all this confusion, I really wasn’t going to post today. But my friend has been bugging me to share this recipe I made over the weekend. A cherry tomato gratin.

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This post has been in my folder for a long time and what’s a better day to post it than at the end of the four four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee!

If you have been watching the coverage on TV of the the celebrations, I am sure you have been enamored by the grandeur that they were. Of course critics have argued that at such tough economic times do these celebration seem befitting. To avoid any debate, I will just stay clear off that topic(although there is a part of me that agrees, but this is a food blog and I want to keep it that). But I do understand that it is a big deal and maybe at such times you do need a reason to celebrate, even if it seems frivolous.

Nonetheless it was fun. It was like watching Kate and William’s wedding all over. And as befits a big British occasion, the rain  was persistent and relentless.

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An omelet baked in bread.

What the F, right??

I know, that was my reaction too when I saw this on Josie’s site Pink Parsley.

Like her, I too wondered why can’t I ever come up with such brilliant ideas.

You have dips served in bread boules, soups served in boules- but have you ever had an omelet served in a boule?

This is the best breakfast meets any-other-meal kind of dish.

Josie made this for dinner and calls it a fantastic breakfast for dinner food. I actually made it for lunch. And thought it tasted great for lunch as well!

Unlike some people, who are particular that certain things can not be had for dinner, or lunch- I always feel eat what you want, at whatever time you want (well of course if that rule is applied sensibly- not eating junk every hour of the day- that’s not doing anybody any good).

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