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I have been having a tough time writing posts these days. I start, type and then delete and decide I just cant write anything and its better not to post. As a result recipes keep piling up, and the blog just sits idle. I have about 7 recipes in my drafts and just look at them each and every day. I was supposed to post for GMT, had the recipe ready, everything, but then no words. I guess I spoke too soon on my instagram when I said that I will post the recipe for GMT on Tuesday because as you might have noticed that post did not happen. I just tell myself its a phase that I am going through- writer’s block probably (except I am not as eloquent as a writer). Hopefully, I will be back to my chattery blog self, for now I will just talk about the recipe I am sharing today.

I made this for the first time when my friends came over, and when I got a recipe request from my friend I knew it was good. And the fact that all of it got over should have led me to the conclusion as well. I was a little wary of it not getting over since I made it with pork sausages- a meat that V does not eat and was worried that if it did not taste that good, I would have to finish it all. But luckily that problem took care of itself. The pictures in the blog are of the time I made this with vegetarian sausages and it tasted equally good. If you do decide to make it with pork sausages, do try to find the kinds with fennel in it, or if you can’t then add fennel to the dish. The fennel flavored sausages did give this distinct flavor to the dish which in my opinion was what made this dish absolutely great.

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A while back (and I am sorry to the person who asked this because it’s been quite a while back), someone asked me for a good recipe for pancakes. The simple kinds. Easy to make, and great to taste.

Since V is not that crazy about pancakes, they are never made in our house. In fact, during the first month or so of our marriage I remember bringing one of the boxed mixes home. I made them once, but realized later that V is not a fan of pancakes, and that box sat in our kitchen pantry cupboard till it expired, never to be used again and finally thrown after a year of passing its expiry date.

I, on the other hand do like pancakes.

I have grown up on pancakes.

Almost every weekend, my brother and I would request my mom to make pancakes for us. She generally used box mix, but sometimes made them from scratch too. Along with the pancakes, on the table would be maple syrup that my grandmother would get from Canada every time she came to visit us in India, but I always preferred the lemon syrup that my mom made from scratch.

And that’s how I remember pancakes. My mom serving them hot with a good serving of butter and the lemon syrup drizzled on top. Oh sooooo good.

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Sukaina of Sips and Spoonfuls recently blogged about a topic that resonates so closely to what I feel as a blogger.

The post talks about how Sukaina got an email from one of her readers and how the reader thought she had a perfect life with everything about it perfect- ”the perfect house, the perfect blog post, the perfect meal, the perfect recipe, that perfect image, the words or story that sounds just perfect.” But, of course, as she points out in her post, in reality, things are far from perfect.

For me, Sukaina’s blog is perfect. Her recipes look and sound great. The pictures are bang on in terms of styling, lighting, sharpness, and focus. The video she made is still, in my opinion, one of the best cooking videos I have seen. So it was refreshing to know that she goes through the same doubts as I do, that like me, she too is constantly struggling with getting everything perfect and somehow that more often than not does not happen.

SHU_6643Take this post for example. I made and took pictures of this “oats khichdi” a few days back. I was not happy with the pics. So I decided I will have a go at them again. I made the khichdi again, and I had a picture in mind as to how I wanted to style it (which I did even the first time but this time I improved on it). I tried different surfaces, different stylings but somehow what I wanted I couldn’t achieve, mainly because that would have required props I did not have. So I ended up with these pics that I am posting today and I am just not satisfied. None of them were how I had imagined it to be. But, since the recipe is good I decided to post anyway with what I have, mainly because of what Sukaina had to say.

I know I have come a long way from where I started almost 3 years back, but I still look at blogs and sigh to V, when will I be THAT good!

I also know there are people who have started blogs with the perfect pictures, the perfect recipe and everything about their blog being perfect; but I have come to terms with the fact that while some people catch on quickly, some take their time. I am the latter, but then, I try every day to improve myself and I think that says for some thing. So even though I am not happy with what I have to put forth today, I know tomorrow I will improve on it. But because of my insecurities I should not let a good recipe go by and as Sukaina puts it:

There would be no blog if that moment of perfection is coveted. Perfect is not always possible. And that shouldn’t be our aim. If you succeed each time, you will stop trying. And if you stopped trying, you would stop creating.

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