I did the mistake of making a Raw chocolate banana smoothie for breakfast today. I have never been 100% sure that I am “allergic” to bananas because there were always other variables to the equation when I would get my severe stomach aches. But once I eliminated bananas from my diet, I was fine. I know that is proof enough but I had been thinking of trying bananas one more time just to be absolutely sure they were the culprit. So I thought I’ll try today. Mainly because bananas are really filling and they are the perfect addition to a raw smoothie, making it creamy and thick.

For someone who has no problem with bananas, this is a great recipe and food to take for breakfast when on a raw diet. But for me, it got my stomach into knots. Not as bad as it usually is, because this time I made sure that I had a celery stick every few hours. The moment I would get a hint of pain in my stomach I would grab a celery stick from the refrigerator. Celery somehow helped calm the situation in my guts!

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We had an amazing lunch today and I am really proud of myself for getting it right in every respect.

There was Hungarian roasted pepper and paprika chicken (yum!) served with a side of tomato & basil couscous and golden crusted brussels sprouts on the table.

It was a feast and both V and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Yet, none of the above is the dish I will be talking about today. But don’t worry! I’ll post those recipes- because really I can’t keep all that good stuff to just me. You guys should be in the know too!

You guys should also be in the know of these burgers that I made over the weekend.

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So, I had an awesome 4th of July weekend. We went to the Grand Canyon. Spent the night in Sedona. Had a day trip to Flagstaff. Watched a Bollywood movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Saw Transformers: Dark Side of the moon. Weren’t too impressed by it. On our way back home, got caught in a major dust storm and thunder showers. Overall, a tiring but fun weekend.

The weekend started with a night out with my girlfriends.

Now, the thing about me is that I just can’t hold my alcohol. My drinking capacity on most days is just a glass of wine. On certain days its a little more. But, most of the days its just one glass. When my body is a little brave, I can hold in 2-3 glasses. But, some god-forsaken days, I try to be braver than usual. And those days are followed the next day by a very horrible, sickening feeling called a hangover! The girls’ night out was one such day- where not only was I braver than usual, I was trying to be smart as well and mixed my drinks! Now, mixing drinks is a no-no especially if you want to avoid really bad hangovers. But, that night I tried to act too smart with my alcohol. And like anyone who tries to act too smart but actually isn’t- I fell down real bad the next day.

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