So, I made the mistake of watching a cooking show just before lunch time.

Yes, V again did not come home for lunch.

Little knickknacks or a quick sandwich would not do now. (My maggi packets are over so those of course were out of the question).

I really think God takes my requests way too seriously.

I remember last week I was cribbing that I am just too busy with stuff, and have to rush with lunch everyday and envying my friends whose husbands don’t come for lunch, thus don’t have to be bothered with cooking. (I am a horrible wife, I know). And God just took my cribbing too seriously and decided to give into my demand.

They rightly say, be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!

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I don’t know how people cook for one. The day I know V is not coming home for lunch, I don’t bother making anything and just heat a packet of Maggi noodles and leave it at that.

Ok, a thing about me. I adore maggi like anything. I have, in the past, kissed maggi packets to show how much I love them and have begged them to never leave me.

Ok that’s not true- I exaggerate!

Or maybe not!

The truth?

Keep guessing!

But, one thing is for definite- I looooove Maggi noodles!

I have had maggi piping hot, mildly hot, cold, and even raw and I have loved it every way! Maggi for me is comfort food at its best and those who haven’t tried it- you have my sympathies with you.

And, those who have tried and don’t like it- I don’t know what to say.

I don’t want to be rude but I don’t think I am too fond of you!

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