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Magnolia Bakery's Blueberry Jamboree | The Novice Housewife

Magnolia Bakery's Blueberry Jamboree | The Novice HousewifeThis dessert was introduced to me by sister-in-law. She was in New York visiting her sister and Magnolia Bakery was her favorite place to hang out. One day she called me to say that I have to find the recipe for Blueberry Jamboree. That it is THE best thing she has ever had.

Fortunately for her and for me, I found a recipe quite easily, and ever since I have been hooked.

Its fairly easy with no complicated steps. It is eggless- so if you are looking for a great dessert to feed someone who does not take eggs- this recipe is the best route to take. Its got a buttery pecan crust, a whipped cream and cream cheese filling in the centre and a blueberry pie filling topping. Believe me, you want to make this dessert and you want to make it now.

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Creme brulee #desserts

If you guys have been following me on Facebook, then you would know I had posted a picture of this crème brulée dish quite a while back hoping that I will post the recipe soon. But, as you can see the blog has been unattended for quite some time now. Between a wedding in the family and my niece’s second birthday  and travelling from Indian city to another, I hardly got time to work on my blog posts.

Before leaving for India, I had stocked up on some completely photographed recipes, knowing well that I will not be able to cook or shoot anything while in India, but hoping that at least I would get some time to sit online and draft my posts. But unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately that India has kept me that busy), I have not been able to find any time for the blog. And thus I have plenty of pending posts now. This crème brulée dish is just one of them.

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If you think I had forgotten you, you think wrong. Somehow life has been real busy and my laptop and hence the blog has not been able to get the time I usually have for it. But, I could not NOT post my last post for 2012.

2012 came with many firsts. I completed my first ever triathlon. The blog got its own domain name. I went gluten free for a month, raw for a week. Tried out several new recipes. Things changed for the better for two of my best friends. Travelled to New York, Allahabad, Taj Mahal and of course Delhi. Certain things became clearer, and I hope 2013 brings clarity in the other things that yet confuse me. 2012 was a year of ups and downs, but then that’s how life is and 2013 should also have its share- but here’s hoping the ups more than make up for the downs that come.

We had a gathering yesterday at my in-laws place for lunch. I had planned to make a warm apple cake and tiramisu for dessert, but since our train got delayed by 12 hours and I had managed to catch a cold during my trip, I dropped the original plan and adapted it to make tiramisu shots instead (recipe adapted from here).

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