Easy Chicken Pad See Ew recipe | The Novice Housewife #glutenfree

If you follow me on instagram, a while back I posted a picture of Pad See Ew my Indonesian friend had taught me. I taught her how to make a Louis Vuitton deco roll and in return she shared this easy Thai recipe made by stir frying rice noodles with certain sauces, chicken and chinese broccoli or napa cabbage. It literally takes 15 minutes to make from start to finish. I kid you not. Its the easiest meal to put on the table, even on a weeknight.

The best part of this dish is the  smokey flavor of the noodles, which my friend said you get by cooking this dish on high heat and charring the noodles nicely after the sauces have dried.

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ghiya kofta-3

If you have been paying attention to what I write on my blog and have an amazing memory, then you would know how much I love my parents’ cook, Hira. He is super talented and makes the most amazing food. Had I not gotten sick in India I am sure I would have put on a lot of weight. Thankfully that did not happen.

So while V was having super healthy Glow spinach smoothies in the US, I was feasting on Hira’s amritsari Kulchas, chholley, butter chicken, grilled fish, koftas, phirni decorated with rose petals and so much more. (I really have no right to crib that V is thinner than me, just don’t.)

The other day my mom and I were on the phone and my mom told me about what Hira had been making quite a lot for their lunch these days. She was talking about these Ghiya koftas that I am sharing today on GMT.

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I have finally come to admit to myself that I suck at throwing. I don’t play cricket for the same reason because I literally throw like a girl. I would rather walk the distance and hand you the ball then embarrass myself by throwing it and having it land 100 feet away from you. Yes, I speak from experience.

This realisation strengthened yesterday when we played darts at my friend’s place. It was painstakingly embarrassing, but luckily I had enough drinks in me to not be too bothered about making a fool out of myself. V, on the other hand, was perfect. Maybe it has something to do with all the yoga he does. *Mental note to self- practice yoga to get better at darts.*

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