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Magnolia Bakery's Blueberry Jamboree | The Novice Housewife

Magnolia Bakery's Blueberry Jamboree | The Novice HousewifeThis dessert was introduced to me by sister-in-law. She was in New York visiting her sister and Magnolia Bakery was her favorite place to hang out. One day she called me to say that I have to find the recipe for Blueberry Jamboree. That it is THE best thing she has ever had.

Fortunately for her and for me, I found a recipe quite easily, and ever since I have been hooked.

Its fairly easy with no complicated steps. It is eggless- so if you are looking for a great dessert to feed someone who does not take eggs- this recipe is the best route to take. Its got a buttery pecan crust, a whipped cream and cream cheese filling in the centre and a blueberry pie filling topping. Believe me, you want to make this dessert and you want to make it now.

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My one week of raw food is over. I did not lose as much weight as I wanted (I was quite disappointed yesterday about that but after eating a hot meal today I am fine), but I do feel a difference in my body shape. I feel flatter and leaner. Plus I imagine with all the greens I put in my body the past week, I only did it good. So what if I did not lose as much as I did last time, (which is weird because this time I exercised as well), I did my body a favor either way.

It was a difficult one week. But I managed it. And this sugar free, vegan, more or less guilt free banana ice cream helped me quite a bit.

Seriously, this was a treat that I had been craving for. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was deprived of all things unhealthy, but I found this ice cream to taste exactly how a chocolate ice cream tastes- creamy and chocolatey. And it comes together in a jiffy. All you need is a frozen banana and raw cacao powder. I did use a splash of almond milk just to get the blender going, but you might not require it at all. No churning in the ice cream maker. No cooking raw yolks. No cream. No nothing. Just a frozen banana, cacao powder and a blender and in two minutes you have a nice creamy chocolate ice cream without the added guilt that comes with ice cream.

A friend sent me the link to this recipe when she saw that I was on raw. It will be unfair on my part to not share this recipe with as many people as I can. So here it is- Creamy Raw Chocolate Ice cream.

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Eggless sugar cookies-4

This is going to be a “super” quick one (I had to use the word super, you know since its superbowl sunday). One because my wrist is not allowing me to type too much. Two, today is Downton Abbey and Sherlock Day (besides Superbowl Sunday). And three I am way too tired. But since I had promised my friend that I will be posting this recipe soon, I am here keeping that promise.

A while back when I had posted about a sugar cookie recipe (with eggs), somebody else had also asked for an eggless sugar cookie recipe. This one is also for you.

Taste wise these were pretty good. Actually very good. Would not have guessed they were eggless and I ended up having quite a few while “taste-testing”. I wasn’t too adventurous with the shape (and will definitely get back to you when I have tested this recipe with more complicated shapes) but the recipe did hold the square and round shape pretty well and there was no spreading. Its also a very easy recipe to throw together and with results this good, you definitely should try it. And do let me know how it goes!

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