This might not be one of the most popularly known Indian recipes. Most of you (and by that I mean non-Indians) probably have never heard of it. The Indians reading, of course, have- and probably have horrible stomach upset stories related to this dish.

So why am I sharing it today?

Because for the last three nights this is what are dinner has looked like. And whether or not there are bad experiences surrounding this dish, it is one of the most beloved comfort food cooked in Indian kitchens.

And I don’t know if its because of eating this at night or just a reduced appetite because of what happened on Thursday, I am feeling lighter and have lost 1 kilo in 2 days. Since Thursday I have actually lost 2 kgs! But I know once I am back to eating properly (which I am, as of today), those kilos lost will be gained again! But hopefully they will be gained in muscle and not fat.

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Starting this month, the Recipe Swap will be posting on the first Monday of the month, instead of the first Sunday as we did in the past. Which in turn means a clash with Group A’s Secret Recipe Club’s posting date- which is also the first Monday of the month. So I knew I had a problem. Either I did two posts in one day or see if there was something from my assigned blog that I could fit with the Recipe Swap’s chosen recipe. And the latter is what I chose. Mainly because I am lazy, but also because a lot was happening. And also because of a little mailing error I got to know of the Recipe swap recipe quite late. Not that that made a difference because I’m such a procrastinator, but I am also a Capricorn and I love to shift blame from myself wherever I can. 🙂

For SRC, my secret blog was Fake Ginger. I have seen other SRC members having her as their assigned blog for past reveals and always coming up with great recipes from her repertoire. SO I was very excited to have Amanda’s blog for this month. And I somehow found a recipe that fit in the Recipe swap framework, and also something I knew I would really like.

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Ok….I have to ask- how do you moms do it?????

You have to be super human beings. I mean, c’mon. You just have to be.

You are constantly running after your kids- making them their meals, giving them baths, making them snacks, picking them from one class and taking them to another, doing their laundry, AND taking care of the house- washing dishes, doing your own laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and then finding the time to go to the gym, and still having the energy to put on a smile for your kid while you play with them. And then there are some who do all this and have a full time job elsewhere too- where they have to take care of their boss’ whims and fancies! And some of them have a blog too- so there they are cooking, photographing and then blogging about it!

Seriously moms, how do you do it???

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