Two years back, July 28th I hit the publish button on my free wordpress account for the first time. Something that started off as a way to keep me busy, has turned out to be so much more today- a way to keep me creatively inspired, a recognition of sorts, and the opportunity to be part of a community of so many talented folks that awe me everyday with their creations.

A little more than two years back was also when I started cooking for the first time in my life. The blog was a way to document those experiments. Now with 220 posts (most of them recipes, with a little art and random ranting thrown in occasionally), my experiments have become more daring. I am yet to add a full fondant cake to the list- but hopefully one day I will get there too.

I started off the blog to keep a track of my cooking and baking but now I have to confess its mostly the other way around. I bake and cook to feed my blog ;). Learn a little more about my journey as a blogger here.

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This post was supposed to go live yesterday on the 27th. 

I had everything ready (almost) for this post to go live except a few finishing touches which I thought I would be able to do yesterday in a matter of minutes. But yesterday I got no time to sit on my laptop, instead spent the whole day with my friends drinking, being merry and catching the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012.

It was a fun day and night, but am back today to post about the Daring Bakers’ Challenge for July.

P.S: It’s my two year Blog anniversary! I had another post lined for today- one with cake (all celebrations need cake!), but guess that will have to wait till tomorrow. 🙂 For now let’s talk about crackers!

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(This is Post 3 in the series Cooking with the Books.)

I started the “Cooking with the books” series to reacquaint myself with the hoards of cookbooks I have on my bookshelf. And I am so happy that I did.

All the cookbooks that I have bought (new or second hand) have been bought after thoroughly going through their reviews on amazon or other sites. So I knew I have a good collection of cookbooks. But I never took too much advantage of it- always trying recipes on other people’s blogs ( I blame pinterest!) or recipes that I have come up with after eating something I like or one of my mom’s recipes. The cookbooks, as a result, always ended up eating dust.

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