Two years back, July 28th I hit the publish button on my free wordpress account for the first time. Something that started off as a way to keep me busy, has turned out to be so much more today- a way to keep me creatively inspired, a recognition of sorts, and the opportunity to be part of a community of so many talented folks that awe me everyday with their creations.

A little more than two years back was also when I started cooking for the first time in my life. The blog was a way to document those experiments. Now with 220 posts (most of them recipes, with a little art and random ranting thrown in occasionally), my experiments have become more daring. I am yet to add a full fondant cake to the list- but hopefully one day I will get there too.

I started off the blog to keep a track of my cooking and baking but now I have to confess its mostly the other way around. I bake and cook to feed my blog ;). Learn a little more about my journey as a blogger here.

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I have been MIA from the blog scene for about two weeks now as I am vacationing in India, and even though it’s late at night here and I am tired as hell, what I write today had to be blogged about.

October is Breast Awareness month and today I am doing my bit to spread the awareness.

Now as you all know (well, by “all” I mean those few of you who follow my blog), I am a big time procrastinator. I had volunteered for Frosting for the Cause a while back and knew much in advance that my post would go live on the 24th October. And even though I did not want to procrastinate this post, I did. It’s not entirely my “procrastinating self’s” fault. I have been real busy the last couple of weeks, with my parents visiting me and then me coming to India.

I won’t bore you with the details, but bottom line, I left this post- this very important post-for the last minute.

Why is this post important?

Because I am guest posting for Frosting for the Cause, a unique on-line project bringing together 365 volunteer bakers and bloggers across Canada, the United States and beyond. ‘Frosting for the Cause’ aims at raising funds and awareness for research into cancers affecting women.

Head over to their site for my guest post and the recipe for Whole Wheat Carrot Cake cupcakes.

I am a leftover girl.

I love eating food that’s leftover from a party.

And if the party is hosted by me, then definitely I like the food more the next day.

Probably the effort that goes into it (even if its just a tad bit of effort), just puts me off my food the day its made.

If anybody else is cooking, then I don’t mind the food that day- in fact even at its worst I love food made by others! C’mon what’s there not to love about it- some one else has taken the effort, someone else is going to do the dishes, someone else has to worry about it being tasty. All that always adds to the taste.

But, my food, I always hate it the day I make it.

That’s what happened with this cake too.

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