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Sweet Mathris | The Novice Housewife

Things have been quite busy at my end and hopefully its a sign of good things to come. I will be posting about the latest developments on my front in a blog post later but you can get an idea about what has kept me busy here. Today I got some time to breathe so thought I will update this space which has unfortunately and not to my liking taken a back seat.

A few days back I had posted a raw, vegan, gluten free sweet option to give as gifts or just make for yourself during Diwali or otherwise. Today’s recipe is the complete opposite. Its deep fried, gluten loving, clarified butter enriched sweet goodness. Well technically you could make this vegan by substituting the ghee with oil, but unless you are lactose intolerant, I would not recommend you to do so.

Sweet Mathris | The Novice Housewife

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Dal Makhani The Novice Housewife

I know I have posted about Dal Makhani once before on GMT. And while this is more or less the same recipe, it is one that I make in the slow cooker now so I thought a repost of it was necessary. Plus, there are some changes (albeit slight) to the recipe, so thought would just post the revised recipe.

In the  previous post I did give a brief introduction to Dal Makhani, but I found this article by a renowned Indian food critic, Vir Sanghvi, which dwells into the origins of Dal Makhani and as Vir Sanghvi’s research points out, the credit to the origins of dal makhani that we eat today can be attributed to Kundan Lal Gujra’s now famous hotel Moti Mahal in Daryaganj area of Delhi.

Another famous version of this dal is the five star hotel ITC’s Dal Bukhara. The Bukhara dal, according to the article, gets its thickness and creaminess from slow cooking. The chefs cook it on a low flame overnight and then, never take it off the fire. My father had told me about this earlier, so I thought of trying to cook it in my faithful crockpot and try to achieve restaurant style dal makhani and I am pretty pleased with the version I ma sharing with you all today.

The previous recipe of dal makhani I posted was a much more quick way of cooking the dal, but once I started cooking it in the slow cooker I have realized that without adding cream you can still achieve the creaminess and thickness of traditional dal makhani by just slow cooking it. Of course, adding cream and butter takes it another level of scrumptious goodness (Kundan Lal’s recipe has one kg of dal, 500 ml of cream and a full kg of butter!), but believe me, for the calorie conscious slow cooking the dal gives it the right amount of viscosity (and that rich taste) without the added fat.

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chicken tikka salad The Novice Housewife

The idea of a chicken tikka salad has been playing in my mind for a long time (while writing this post I googled it, and apparently there are other versions as well, so I am not the only one to have thought of it) and finally I got around to making it a few days before.

There are not many salad recipes in Indian cuisine. The only one I can think of is Kachumbar– which is basically a salad made from small tiny pieces of vegetables, mainly cucumber, tomatoes, onions with chillies and cilantro/coriander leaves added to it. Besides that I draw a blank although salads do feature in indian meals- its just plain cucumbers, tomatoes and onions sliced and served on a plate with maybe a lemon, salt and pepper dressing. But other than that I can’t think of any. (If you can, please do leave a comment below)

Unlike other Indian salads, like the ones I mentioned above, which are normally served alongside main course dishes, to provide a slight crunch to the meal, this chicken tikka salad is a meal in itself. But much lighter than a full fledged Indian meal. And great for the times when you want a lighter Indian flavor meal.

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