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Pull apart breads. Don’t you just love them.

They could be sweet. Like Joy the baker’s cinnamon pull apart bread. Or, Kitchen Corner’s blueberry one. Or like the pumpkin one I made.

Or they could be savory.

And the flavor combinations for each are plenty.

Since I have already tried my hand at the sweet version, I thought of going the other way this time.

I tried making a whole wheat herbed garlic and sundried tomato pull-apart bread.

And well, it was AWE-SOME!

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India hosted its first Grand Prix last week at the Buddh International Circuit. I wish I had the opportunity to witness it but some other things had to be tended to. Not only did India offer Formula One a racing circuit rivaling the best in the world but it did so with its typical Indian warmth.

This is what Sebastian Vettel, the winner of India’s inaugral Grand Prix, had to say about his experience in India:

If you keep your eyes open I think you are able to learn a lot from the way people handle things here. It is a big country, a lot of people.. But they get along and are happy..even though people don’t have a lot here, in a way they are much richer than a lot of people back in Europe.

So true. And when the warmth of the people isn’t enough, the food and the culture of India will surely make you feel richer than usual.

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V loves Indian food. He prefers it to all other cuisines. And unlike me, he is not too experimental with his food. Give him dal chawal (a rice and lentil Indian dish) 365 days of the year (366, in case its a leap year), he will be a satisfied customer.

So, when I decide to make something that would be defined “experimental” in his dictionary, I have to do a lot of planning. I have to mentally prepare him for it so that he is not caught by surprise. And if its a vegetable he doesn’t like, my task is made that much more difficult.

Now, V is not particularly crazy about mushrooms.

And if V is not particularly crazy about something, that thing will not get anywhere near him.

I, on the other hand, love mushrooms. And, alas, me being ‘the quintessential Indian wife’ (barf!) that I am, mushrooms don’t feature on our grocery list.

Well, 9 out of ten times they don’t.

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