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Lemon and almond cookies-3

While holidays are fun, they do bring with them the perfect conditions to increase your waistline. Everybody has the holiday cheer on, so there is drinking and more drinking accompanied by eating and a lot more eating, followed by dessert and some more dessert. The weighing scale is my worst enemy these days.

I think its very clever that new years falls after christmas- first falter by over eating and then make amends by making resolutions to lose the weight you gained during the holiday season. Of course, if you are like me, those kind of resolutions come with an expiry date of a week.

Adding to your calorie intake are these lemon-y eggless cookies that I am sharing with you today. Since a lot of people ask me for eggless cake, cookie recipes I thought I would share this one out while the holiday season still gives you the excuse to bake some in your kitchen. Christmas brings out the cookie monster in all of us and even though I might be a little late in sharing this recipe with you this year, I am a year ahead in sharing the recipe for next year’s christmas round up. So pin it, share it, save it for your next year Christmas baking to-dos.

Of course, you could make them anytime of the year. Or when it is time to break your new year resolution of weight loss, you could bring these bad boys out. Just saying. Don’t blame me if you do though.

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Starting this month, the Recipe Swap will be posting on the first Monday of the month, instead of the first Sunday as we did in the past. Which in turn means a clash with Group A’s Secret Recipe Club’s posting date- which is also the first Monday of the month. So I knew I had a problem. Either I did two posts in one day or see if there was something from my assigned blog that I could fit with the Recipe Swap’s chosen recipe. And the latter is what I chose. Mainly because I am lazy, but also because a lot was happening. And also because of a little mailing error I got to know of the Recipe swap recipe quite late. Not that that made a difference because I’m such a procrastinator, but I am also a Capricorn and I love to shift blame from myself wherever I can. 🙂

For SRC, my secret blog was Fake Ginger. I have seen other SRC members having her as their assigned blog for past reveals and always coming up with great recipes from her repertoire. SO I was very excited to have Amanda’s blog for this month. And I somehow found a recipe that fit in the Recipe swap framework, and also something I knew I would really like.

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I actually forgot about this month’s swap. I do not know why, but I was under the impression that Christianna had said we will take a break for the month of January.

I guess it was the lazy-holiday bone in me that probably convinced my brain that we were on a break.

So when Christianna sent us a reminder last week, I was in panic.

I had nothing. As always.

And this time’s recipe swap asked us to do something I am really not comfortable with.

Use raw egg yolks!


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