275 meters swimming, 16km bike riding over our hilly town and a 5K run.

Finally, completed my first triathlon! 🙂

Now, the embarrassing part- I was one of the lasts to finish.(*sheepish look*)

While my swimming and run timings were pretty decent, everyone dusted me off in the cycling round. Before you make fun do understand, for me, the cycling part was the toughest. I only started cycling a month and half back, after more than a decade of not getting on a cycle. And it was a real task for me to do uphill cycling, which was almost 50% of the entire route. One of the roads we biked on is actually called Mountain road (not even Hill road- its called mountain!). So it wasn’t easy for me. And that’s why it took me a lot of time. And the wind didn’t help either when climbing uphill on the cycle.

Anyway, the idea this time for my first triathlon was to complete it. Next time I’ll probably think of actually competing!

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Pineapples are in abundance in the part of the world where I am these days.

So when my mom asked me to make something for this small tea gathering she was hosting, I decided to make something pineapple-y.

And since the ingredient was decided, the obvious next step was to search food gawker/ google for some interesting recipe.

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