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I have been having a tough time writing posts these days. I start, type and then delete and decide I just cant write anything and its better not to post. As a result recipes keep piling up, and the blog just sits idle. I have about 7 recipes in my drafts and just look at them each and every day. I was supposed to post for GMT, had the recipe ready, everything, but then no words. I guess I spoke too soon on my instagram when I said that I will post the recipe for GMT on Tuesday because as you might have noticed that post did not happen. I just tell myself its a phase that I am going through- writer’s block probably (except I am not as eloquent as a writer). Hopefully, I will be back to my chattery blog self, for now I will just talk about the recipe I am sharing today.

I made this for the first time when my friends came over, and when I got a recipe request from my friend I knew it was good. And the fact that all of it got over should have led me to the conclusion as well. I was a little wary of it not getting over since I made it with pork sausages- a meat that V does not eat and was worried that if it did not taste that good, I would have to finish it all. But luckily that problem took care of itself. The pictures in the blog are of the time I made this with vegetarian sausages and it tasted equally good. If you do decide to make it with pork sausages, do try to find the kinds with fennel in it, or if you can’t then add fennel to the dish. The fennel flavored sausages did give this distinct flavor to the dish which in my opinion was what made this dish absolutely great.

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A week back V had to go out of town and I was left home alone for three days and two nights.

Two very painful and scary nights.

With V gone all those scary movies, CSI , criminal mind episodes flashed in front of me and I just couldn’t sleep the whole night.

See, I love watching scary movies, and all those crime, murder mystery shows. But then later, I imagine all the different scenarios that they show in horror movies or the crime serials happening with me and every tiny little noise is made out to be a serial killer trying to get in the house and murdering V and me in our sleep.

And because of these fears I take many precautions. Like, if I get up in the middle of the night to pee, I let V know by repeatedly saying his name and as a result waking him up, so that if anything happens to me while on my way to the bathroom, he knows and comes for my rescue. Of course, now he is so used to it, most of the time he sleeps through it, so now I make sure I am little louder while saying his name. Yep, he is really lucky to have me in his life.  🙂

I also lock our bedroom door, because I believe if someone does break into the house and we don’t hear it, we will for sure hear him trying to unlock our bedroom door. I also have been playing with the idea of putting a heavy piece of furniture in front of the bedroom door, just in case the killers do manage to open our door and we do not hear it. V thinks its a little bit too much because we do live in a very safe town. But one can never be too sure, can one?!

And athough I have a terrible time later, I never learn and continue to watch scary movies. I do try to reduce the chill factor by covering my eyes with my fingers, just enough to watch, sbut enough to not get that scared. I remember Rich Hall made a sniglet (snig’ lit: any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should) for watching a scary movie like that- SNARGLE. And to V’s and others’ amusement, and to my embarrassment I snargle a lot!

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So I have been MIA for quite some time. The reason? I have been traveling a lot the past two weeks. First it was Phoenix. V had a week long conference and I tagged along. I managed to do a quick post about the four layer chocolate cake while I was there, but that was about it. We came back Sunday, the week before last. I was home for two days and then I left for a 4 day vacation to New York, sans V.

It was my second time in New York, though the first actually doesn’t count. I was in first grade the first time I went there, and don’t remember my visit at all. So according me it didn’t count. But this one does. And it was the most amazing vacation I have had after a long time. And OMG I am in loooooove with the city! Thanks to my friends and V’s cousin I was able to do a lot- all the tourist-y stuff like Times Square, Wall street, view of Statue of Liberty and the non conventional stuff as well- a 15 mile bike tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn! I will share more of my trip to New York in a later post, but for now I must tell you I am totally hungover on the place. I got back Monday early morning, and every time I see something related to New York on TV, I feel like crying. Yes, I miss the city THAT much!

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