Browned butter chocolate chip cookiesPOST UPDATED December 2016: These browned butter chocolate chip cookies are still a favorite of mine. So easy to put together and taste absolutely heavenly. The original post went live in Feb, 2012, and so if after four years of cookie making this recipe is still one of my favorites you know it must be good. I have updated the post with a printable recipe and some recent pictures. Also I have successfully been able to substitute half of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour making these tad bit better for you. In the picture above these browned butter chocolate chip cookies make an appearance along with another favorite of mine  Peanut butter cookies.

ORIGINAL POST February 2012: 

You know you are doing good with your exercise regime, when instead of avoiding to wash your jeans (since they get tight after a wash and you lose the “loose” fit), you actually prefer washing them so that they fit you better.

And that’s what I had been doing and felt good about my weight loss (of course there is a long way to go, but the jeans are getting looser, so I was happy).

But all this happy feeling went down the drain this past weekend.

All because of these damn browned butter chocolate chip cookies.

(I know I shouldn’t swear, but these damn cookies, they are just so good that they are no good!)

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